Laying tiles on plasterboard installing ceramic tile on drywall

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Laying tiles on plasterboard – Most often, tiling on plasterboard done in the kitchen, in the bathroom or the bathroom. And precisely in those places where temperature changes occur constantly . For such spaces is often used water-resistant gypsum plasterboard , which can not only quickly and accurately align the walls, but also to build the necessary structures that will be able to cover all protruding pipes indoors. To tile during operation did not start to fall off with drywall , all the work should be made ​​strictly according to the rules .

In the first stage you have to make the first crate under the drywall, it should only be installed in a place where in the future you will produce a tile trim . Basis , you can make out of metal rails and bars. If the sheathing material for all of you have chosen a tree, then it should be treated with special impregnation for water resistance , it is recommended to perform the procedure at least two times .

Step into the crate should not reach more than twenty centimeters. This sequential fixation is necessary in order to drywall during operation will not be offended , because tile glue will have a heavy weight and otherwise, can be broken masonry .

main adhesives for tiles in the bathroom

If the water-resistant primer you decide to choose the concentrate , then dilute it should be strictly provided by the manufacturer’s instructions . In order to make you more comfortable working roller , it is recommended to choose a plastic container with embossed frame. Such capacity , you can buy in any hardware store .

Drywall should always be primed with two coats while before applying the second coat let dry for a while first . Thus, you can get more stable grip tile adhesive with plasterboard .

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