irobot roomba 780 vacuum cleaning robot

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Never liked vacuuming. It’s very boring, if not consuming too much time, but doing it regularly. That would be the device that you push the button and it vacuums for you. And recently, such a device I finally appeared.The top model of the entire line of iRobot Roomba 780. Most latest technology in the field of robotics applied in this particular model. As the top model of the previous generation, Roomba 780 cleans up to 100 square meters with one battery charge.

Special technology iAdapt, applied in this model allows the robot to accurately calculate the most optimal route around the room for the best results and reduce cleaning time. With iAdapt robot uses more than 40 models of behavior and accepts up to 67 decisions per second to ensure the purity of every inch of your room, so it makes several passes over the same area.

Roomba 780 is an analog model Roomba 770 only has a complete range of accessories and 2 beacon coordinator (in Roomba 770 – 1 wall limiter).

iRobot uses new intelligent cleaning the room. Thanks to her, he cleans better the room, the lower-end models. Program the robot vacuum cleaner at a convenient time for you to forget about cleaning and household chores. Vacuum cleaner does all the dirty work, and after the process of cleaning the apartment, will be on the base to recharge and prepare for further cleaning cycles.

The function provides a convenient soft touch furniture and fragile objects located on the floor. Roomba 780 decelerates before heading gently touches the rubber bumper furniture surface, changes its direction of motion and continue cleaning.

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New double HEPA filters provide clean air outlet and the absence of allergens in the air of the apartment. This is especially important if you suffer symptoms of allergic reactions. Due to the large dust collector and a stiff brush. The robot vacuum cleaner can easily cope with cleaning pet hair.

irobot roomba 780 vacuum cleaning robot

New, more sophisticated algorithm energy consumption allows the vacuum cleaner to clean up to 50% longer when using the battery of the same capacity. In this Roomba 780 will linger in places stubborn dirt. His improved sensor contamination detection Dirt Detect 2 uses not only optical, but now and acoustic sensors to detect dirt.

Using the remote control supplied. You can control the vacuum cleaner, either program the time convenient for you cleaning the apartment. Vacuums cope as with carpets and carpet and smooth surfaces, whether or laminate flooring.

Options robot cleaner iRobot Roomba 780:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba 770
rechargeable battery technology Extended-Life Power Management (installed in the vacuum cleaner)
charger (charging time 3 hours)
compact charging base
beacon coordinator – 2 pcs.,
two additional filter with double HEPA filtration,
Additional rubber brush,
side brush,
Two tools for cleaning brushes
IR remote control,

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