invisible electronic fence for dogs

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Invisible fence – Hidden electronic fence – it’s inexpensive and efficient system. Wire underground emits a harmless radio that picks up the collar worn by the dog. When the dog approaches the fence, the collar warns her sound. If the dog continues to approach, the collar uses an electric discharge, increasing its force until the dog returns to its designated area. learn more information about invisible dog fence Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos.

The proportional punishment – the closer the dog to the fence, the stronger the electric discharge
Variable area signal – allows you to precisely control the “width” fence Sound and light alarm wire damage Prevent the escape – the sooner the dog is moving, the quicker it will get the maximum discharge current Short circuit protection – a lightning strike will not damage the transmitter
Use multiple collars for several animals, there are no restrictions Invisible Fence allows you to restrict the movement of the dog in the yard. She did not have to sit on a leash, it will be able to move freely in the said territory. It does not suffer from the design of your site – no fences and barriers.

invisible electronic fence for dogs

The transmitter is powered by 220V. Collars 4LR44 6V batteries. The system is designed for medium and large dogs.

To install an invisible fence you will need to consider the plan of the fence. Then, lay under the ground at a shallow depth wire and connect it to the transmitter. The transmitter is the best place in the house, or in a place protected from moisture and temperature extremes.

The wire is necessary to dig, isolating it from the external environment. Since any metal structures or other conductor will distort the signal.
The length of the wire fence – 300 m
The distance of the first response is governed by the collar
Battery collar: 4LR44 6V
Collar length of 30-50 cm
The set has everything you need to install
Including flags for training

You can limit the wire any number of individual zones: just twist the wire where the dog can pass, and the collar will not operate.
Available for several fence collars receivers. You can also buy only the receiver.

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