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Interior design small bathroom – In glossy magazines bathroom looks like a luxury saloon . Radiance and shine, every little thing on your shelf , out of the window you can admire the beautiful scenery and the clouds drifting across the sky. There is a place trainer, solarium , a couch to rest. And what we have in a typical home? Shared bathroom area 3-5 m. meters, which is a room- and then make up your mind not to call . But if the designer has adopted the motto ” less is better” , the results can be impressive. Today we introduce you to a technique that allows to make a small room the bathroom is quite comfortable , beautiful and modern.

The layout and placement of plumbing is dictated by the location of risers , wiring pipes for hot and cold water. Most rigid adherence – the toilet to the sewer standpipe . Usually this part is sewn up in a box , which is a little pleasing to the eye . If risers already exists, it is better not only hide , but to use the most rational , for example, hide it in the tank. If you have resorted to redevelop , the range of solutions greatly expands. By proper installation of plumbing is already possible win a share of usable space . Modern plumbing allows you to have sinks and toilets at one low partition from different sides , which sometimes provides a space-saving and functional zoning bathrooms . There are modern models with toilet flushing device deep , which is attached directly to the wall. This solution not only saves space but also creates additional convenience for cleaning toilets .

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Partition may also share a bath and sink , sink and shower stall , which is thus reliably isolated. The main advantage of such partitioning is that it hides a system of pipelines .

Installation of piping and plumbing equipment is available in the adjoining bathroom walls low pedestals . This reduces the time and cost of construction , because in this case it is possible to do without the services of a mason and plasterer . Built-in objects plumbing processed differently . The most popular shell – lugs up to 1 meter, the upper surfaces of which are used as shelves . Skirting elements can be releted tile, hang wallpaper , or dispose of timber .

Delimited space can become more functional items , furniture, for example , in a small lavatory basin and toilet area can be separated from each other by a narrow cabinet with pull-out section , and the cupboard positioned on the electric heater , electric heating system supplementing the floor or another used in the bathroom . For the full comfort away from the wall or walls of the cabinet to the toilet should be at least 25 cm sub-assembly of sanitary ware with wall panel, built into a corner , takes a minimum of storage space .

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Offer great promise corner solutions . In the corner may well accommodate a washing machine and a small corner pantry over it , sometimes fits tub , sink, toilet, releasing ” traditional” places .

Corner shower allows for comfort in the smallest space . To close the premises of such option is best : the center of rotation of the door can be installed individually , you can also purchase the cab corner entrance with sliding doors , as well as circular and pentagonal shape. Through the shell of natural glass , it did not clutter the space . In very tiny bathroom can restrict a shower and give the built-in tray, allowing room will seem more spacious . This shower can be separated from the rest of the bath only light glass wall that protects the room from the spray .

It happens that I want to have available a maximum of necessary plumbing , the expanded set of amenities . But if its place in the traditional way , you can not turn at all . In this case, the assistance may come to creative solutions . For example, the unusual configuration of the room the bathroom is fraught reserves and can give some interesting solutions . At a right angle and equipment can not fit , but changing the angle of installation of equipment will provide free access to it.

Increase capacity rooms will help ” flexible” organization valuable space. For example , the use of mobile sink of acrylic, which thanks to the robust hinge , easily changes its position . Same swivel cabinet, installed in a corner shower enclosure. Combining a full bath with shower. When such decisions for a visual of all parts of the space base and walls of the bathroom desirable the same material.

The color in the bathroom asking basically wall and floor tiles . Here as a general for all types of premises rule: light colors , and transparent materials visually expand the space , reduce the dark . Avoid dark or too bright colors tiles from tiles with a large pattern . Glittering surface is also not suitable – they are heavier impression. Surfaces and tiles and furniture is better to choose matte . Diagonally laid floor tiles visually increases room .

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Light in the bathroom should be a reasonable amount , because it is not a surgical operating . Functional light in the area of ​​the mirror.

Furniture and equipment . In the bathroom it is important to make optimal use of opportunities for storage, without sacrificing the free space. Especially for small bathrooms designed compact baths , showers, mirrors , cabinets , space-saving furniture. A compact light furniture from the same collection gives the room easy . Practical and comfortable can be rack roller bearings of chrome-plated metal with retractable wire mesh containers . The space under the sink basin and over the best use for placing shelves and cabinets .

If the furniture is not the place , we will make maximum use of wall space , more precisely, wall niches and shelves .

Mirrors refer to the traditional methods of increasing the visual space . In our case, without a mirror just can not do. It is appropriate here as nowhere else – and functionally , and aesthetically pleasing, and visually expands the space. You can add him universality: that it is not just hanging on the wall , and also served as a locker door for details. If the bathroom is not sufficiently lit, additional convenience can be studs on the wall mirror with a varying angle .

Heating elements , towel , without which today costs which rarely bathroom, also asking his place . Think , if we can not make them multifunctional. For example, a towel to turn into a support system that supports a small shelf for the necessary details and also serves as a support system for a folding bath screen , plexiglas ( dramatic and practical alternative to curtains) .

Small space requires carefully designed layout, to the bathroom has turned aesthetic and functional. Our allies – the color , light and form . If the original version of the plan does not meet your needs , you can change within reasonable limits and to the achievement of maximum comfort.

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