installing a bidet toilet seat

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installing a bidet toilet seat –  Nowadays, gaining increasing popularity use bidet, looks very similar to the toilet . Bidet is designed to maintain personal hygiene.

Typically , it is made of sanitary ware , it is desirable to buy it bundled with a toilet , all in perfect harmony with the interior. If the size of the bathroom does not allow you to install a full set of plumbing , we can limit the combined bidet. To date, such models very much. The most convenient and practical yet will cover electronic bidet toilet . By means of the microcomputer controlled by the temperature of water and air. Model also has electronic bidet function is added air fresheners and water filtration .

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If this option does not suit you , you can simply put next to the toilet with hygienic shower mixer . Of course there’s a cover – bidet and simpler, without electronic “brains” . On this cover just cold and hot water, which is regulated by means of specially designed cranes. Many people use and toilet paper , and a combined bidet.

Though outwardly bidet more like a toilet, it is better to equate to the sink or small tub. For small bathrooms are ideal toilets with integrated bidet. Not so long ago there were so- called electric toilets . They have a more elongated shape , and they have a bigger reservoir as additional electronics converter . When you click on a button appears tube , from which water is supplied preset temperature. Toilet with bidet functions lined hard plastic , which makes this device very durable .

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If the dimensions of the bathroom and allow you to install a bidet and toilet , it is better to put both devices . Some bidets are more like a sink and have a special mixer , while others can be filled with water if necessary . They also built a special nozzle through which water fountain shoots up.

Installing a bidet

With the installation of a bidet should have no problems, as it is done well , as in the case of the toilet , and each unit comes with instruction .

So, what will it take to install a bidet ? Of course , you need to have some tools:

Punch or drill at least with a bang
set of open-end wrench or adjustable wrenches and gas
sanitary linen or special tape
better to buy silicone sealant , it is not always factory sealed gasket .
So, when all you need is at your fingertips , you can install . To any bidet, regardless of its structure, must be of water supply and sewerage . If you simple bidet , it ‘s more like a sink and faucet is on the edge . First you need to install this same mixer . Bidet mixer is typically used with a floating head or hygienic shower . To him the bundle or flexible hose or copper tube. Threading them into the mixer , it is possible by hand without using a key . Strong pull is not necessary, as this may damage the rubber gaskets that are on the edges of the hose or tube.

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Then paste mixer assembled in a special hole and secure it there. At the other end of the hose has a union nut , there should also be a gasket. Most commonly , rubber gaskets , but if they are lost , it is possible to replace them with silicone . In my opinion, the silicone more practical .

Of course, you want to install a bidet and output connections for sewage water. Water supply is better to put more taps to in case of replacement or bidet mixer never required to leave without water the whole apartment or a house . Screwed on tap and pipe pulls the first county or tape (I prefer flax, because you can just turn the valve back and forth , if not calculated the force. With tape so do not work) . On top county can apply silicone sealant .

Exit sewer pipe is usually made of 50 mm diameter . Next you need to collect siphon bidet. Detailed instructions available complete with siphon. All connections on the siphon better  silicone sealant. Corrugation siphon is better to use a yield of 50 mm in diameter , not to acquire additional transitional cuff for drainage. If, however, the corrugation has a diameter of 40mm or 32mm , the insert into the sewer pipe desired cuff , for example 50/32 mm or 50/40 mm.

Installing a toilet youtube installing a toilet

After all preparations are made , it remains only to fix the device . If bidet floor , mark with a pencil on the floor and drill holes using punch or hammer drill . If the suspended bidet installation , all doing the same thing on the wall. Differ only fasteners . For floor bidet usually drilled hole diameter of 10 mm, for false same 14 and 16 mm .

Once the holes are drilled , insert the plastic plugs in them and put the device in place. Through holes in the bidet drive the special studs or bolts to anchors . Draw worth as long as the instrument is no longer loose. Strong pull is not necessary, since the instrument can crack . Then insert the corrugation siphon sewer , and hoses from the mixer screw on water pipes . For this, use an adjustable or open-end wrench 22 to 24 mm . Again tighten the nuts by hand and pull the key for about 1 /2 turn.

If you install an electronic bidet cover , you will need to take only cold water. Better to buy a bidet known manufacturers , some of which offer a guarantee .

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