Installing a lock in the door is a choice of the type of locking mechanism

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Design features are the main factor by which all locking devices used in interior canvases are classified. Consider the most popular appliances installed in the interior doors.

Latch (ordinary). This type of locking devices is most common. Conventional latches are used in inter-room canvases everywhere. Installation of the lock on the inter-room door in this case is not complicated, which often attracts buyers. The peculiarity of this device lies in the fact that its design includes a cylinder and a lock tongue, controlled by a special mechanism. Most often, these locks are sold complete with a handle. Thus, in order to avoid errors during the installation process, it is necessary to study the instruction that will allow to answer the question of how to insert a pen into the inter-room door.

Latch with a retainer. The mechanisms that belong to this group are an improved modification of the previous type of locking devices. In their design there is another element – a retainer. Its function is to keep the lock closed. For inter-room doors, these products are the best fit.

Useful information! Today you can find two types of backers equipped with a retainer: button and lever. For use at home, it is recommended to pay attention to the second option.

The inset mechanism. It is the second most popular among the locks of the inter-room doors. Installation in the canvas requires precision and care. The insets are reliable and have a long operational period. They are most often used for doors in private rooms and bedrooms. Unlike the previous type, these devices are opened by a key.

There are two kinds of inset mechanisms. The first option involves the possibility of unlocking the door on both sides (key key). The second is a combination that consists of a key and a turntable. In this situation, a separate insertion of the handle into the inter-room door is required. How do I do this? To do this, there is a special step-by-step instruction.

Overhead lock. From a montage point of view, this option is the most acceptable. However, overhead devices do not meet modern safety standards. They can be easily disable by mechanical impact.

Installing a lock in the door is a choice of the type of locking mechanism

Magnetic lock. The cost of such devices is higher than the price of standard varieties of locking mechanisms. Their main advantage is the quietness of the work. That is why they are most often mounted on the inter-room doors, which are intended for bedrooms and children’s rooms. It is quite difficult to cut the lock into the inter-room door on its own. The cost of installing magnetic mechanisms depends on the design and type of door.

The swald device. Such devices are able to provide good protection of the room. They are opened by key and are used not only for the inter-room, but also for the entrance.

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