how to install a vent fan in a bathroom

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The bathroom and toilet moisture settles on the walls and mirrors. Eventually formed mold, fungus and appears to be a long time in this room becomes downright dangerous to your health. how to install a vent fan in a bathroom – Do forced ventilation ? What is it? How to connect the fan? This article will give you detailed answers to these and other questions .

About forced ventilation

Forced ventilation – a kind of additional ventilation unit is a fan in the duct for venting . It is needed in cases where natural ventilation can not cope with their tasks . A guide for you to be fogging mirrors and condensation on the walls of the bathroom. Install the fan in the exhaust air duct can be on their own. Next , you’ll learn how to do it , and what model fans and you can use . But first you need to check whether the faulty vent . This is done as follows: the entrance channel need to bring a lighted match . If it goes off , it means that the channel is OK , and condensation on the walls and the mirror shows only that the channel can not cope with such a room area . If a match is lit , it will have to do the duct cleaning ( in the air passage from the roof lowered the weight tapered ) .

how to install a vent fan in a bathroom

Fan in the toilet can be done with a separate switch , but professionals recommend the following installation type: fan start when the light. So , entering the room, you turn on the light and the fan will start automatically ; leave – it shuts down . There are fans with a timer – you can set the time of his work thereafter ( with the light ) , and it works for some time after switching off the light , completely refreshing space . This option is more preferable , and the device itself is worth not much more expensive than usual.

Criteria for selection of the fan

Noise. Norm for the fan in the bathroom is considered less than 40dB noise level . This option must be specified on the package , otherwise it should be clarified with the seller to subsequently loud noise from the fan did not annoy you. Engine. When choosing a fan on the engine relies on the fact that he must be on ball bearings ( bushings are still on ) . It is this type of engine is preferable , since it will run the fan longer and quieter. Performance . This selection criterion is a fan and , in fact, the main one. So performance fan – this is the amount of air that it can change the room per hour . This parameter depends on the size of the room , the humidity level , the number of people and other factors. To simplify your task , in calculating the required performance of the purchased fan give the following simple formula : Performance = room volume ( length × width × height) × ventilation rate ( how many times have completely changed the room air for one hour). ACH in the bathroom – 8-10 ; in the closet – 7-8 . Thus, evaluating performance, you’ll be selecting the appropriate fan. What to look for when buying a fan , we briefly told , now it’s time to talk about how to connect the fan to the power supply and for which it has a ways .

how to install a vent fan in a bathroom

connection Types

Connecting to a light switch . Connecting the fan so that every time going to the bathroom you will include it along with the light and out , respectively , off. As an alternative approach, but in practice it necessary? After you go to the bathroom , not only to take a shower , but just wash your hands or brush your teeth. In this case, the fan is not necessary, moreover, he was just at this time of consumption. Self- inclusion. Then you yourself will enable and disable it when you want , by pressing a button or pulling the rope . Automatic activation . It provides an additional installation of motion sensor or humidity. That is, the fan starts to run itself when the level of humidity or in response to your movement on and off timer expires . The method is quite convenient , but not all available , and therefore rarely used. The inclusion of a light switch with a timer. It is this method of installation is the most common and acceptable and optimal. So , the fan operates only within a specified time after turning off the light. Energy consumption at the same dosing, which is another fact in favor of the choice of this method . Timer setting range is typically from two to 30 minutes. Also note that the light and the fan you have to run four-core cable . So now you know how to select and connect the fan in the bathroom and toilet . As you can see , there’s nothing complicated and really do all the work on their own. Follow our advice and you will succeed !

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