How to install the TV in the kitchen

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How to install the TV in the kitchen – The specific use of the TV in the kitchen. Specialized kitchen TVs and how they differ from conventional models . Recommendations on how to choose a place for a TV in the kitchen. Advice on which TV is better to choose for the kitchen .


20 years ago to have a TV in the kitchen was comparable with luxury. Nowadays, it is the same household appliance as microwave or food processor . The process of preparation of food is sometimes monotonous  . In this case, viewing the show is able to paint the time, which takes away the hostess kitchen affairs .

And when you consider that the lion’s share of families with breakfast , lunch and dinner directly at the kitchen table , TV kitchen is extremely important attribute.

How to choose a TV for the kitchen

Excellent quality and three-dimensional image , of course, want to set the kitchen on the same screen size as the living room . However, for a small kitchen is a bad idea , because a large TV is not in this case give any pleasure. In order to not get tired of watching eyes is necessary to ensure the distance of about three meters . If the recommendation to ignore the reality on the other side of the screen will only cause nausea.

But we should not forget that the large LCD and plasma panels are very capricious appliances. Temperature changes or high humidity , as well as other kitchen problems can adversely affect not her. It is because of all this, it is recommended to give preference to small and inexpensive TV for the kitchen , the screen of which not more than 20 inches. Thus, you eliminate the problems with viewing , as well as installation.

In an era of mass migration on the kitchen TV , manufacturers are actively engaged in the development of special equipment for the kitchen. However pilot specialized TVs were designed for the bathroom, but was willing to buy them much less than in the case of the kitchen TV.

Kitchen Tv Wall Mount Review

Note that this TV a lot different from conventional models . First, you can not worry about the management of dirty or wet hands , because kitchen TVs and consoles them are equipped with a water repellent effect .

Such devices are resistant to moisture, heat, fat. The slightest contamination safely removed using special wipes or spray . However, the specialty television significantly exceeds the usual cost . More needs to be spent wishing to buy a model designed for installation in kitchen furniture.

The most elegant solution – hood or refrigerator, equipped with built-in screen . Such an option may consider acquiring not only those miracle technology , but also those who have a very small kitchen . In the end, a true masterpiece is considered wireless TV that works on Wi-Fi. This TV is easy to find its place in the kitchen , as well as be able to wander from room to room.

However, the vast majority of kitchens installed conventional televisions . For example, many small plasma acquire or ” relocated ” there old tube model . In either case, the device should pick a place that is very difficult for the kitchen. Precisely because of this , many families do not set and hung TV. Fortunately, today there is a huge range of brackets , which allows attachment to pick up each of the models .

For sensible householder attach Suspension technology is a very simple task, but at the slightest doubt in their ability to better cause normal wizard. If you still do not have a TV in the kitchen , be sure to Obtain them that will transform the kitchen into a room in which to while away the time quite nicely , delighting households next culinary masterpiece .

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