How to install front door

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How to install front door

One of the factors of security and inaccessibility of any home is the availability of simple and reliable front door. Metal doors are considered the most durable , but they also differ great weight and high price. Few risks to install the door yourself. Typically , this is done specialists of the company in which it has been ordered . But we need to know how to properly install the metal door to supervise the work of installers.

Fabricated metal doors of high quality material, which is very difficult to deform . But if you do not abide by the rules set the front door , all the measures may be in vain . After all, attackers can simply pull the door from opening with the box without touching the door itself . Therefore, we must see to it as being installed to your door .

preparatory work

First of all it is necessary to hold a series of preparatory works , namely, to make measurements of the door opening , the door to buy a ready-made or to order individual manufacturing doors according to measurements made โ€‹โ€‹, and, finally , to dismantle the old front door.

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Measurements of the door opening and a selection of doors

This is the most easy and simple step . For him, you will need to tape and a notebook in which to make any door size . To start , measure the height from the finished floor to the top of the doorway , then the width of the wall-to- wall inside the doorway. After that , measure the depth of the door opening , which is equal to the thickness of the wall. And on the basis of these data it is possible to choose the right door.

Choosing a new entrance doors , one should pay attention to a few important points. Remember that the gap between the door opening and the frame should be 25-35 mm, so these need to slightly reduce the size . If the old doors are still installed , you have to remove the trim and carefully inspect the doorway. After all, it is possible that impaired geometry of the opening. Then you would have to take measurements and choose the smallest value for height and width. If you decide to make custom-made doors , it is best to all sizes of professional removed . This will avoid many mistakes and unnecessary costs .

Be especially careful when buying iron doors at the store. For now, the market there is a lot of iron doors , which can easily open .

Removal of old doors

Before installing, you must release the doorway of an old door . To begin to separate it from the box. Gasketed door on hinges to open at an angle of 90 degrees and a crowbar to lift it up, do not come off until the door off its hinges . If the door is held together by one-piece hinges , they can be easily unscrewed with a screwdriver.

Thereafter, the dismantling of the box itself . Need to pull out all the anchors and nails, then cut it stands side middle of the bar. Cut racks can easily tear off with a crowbar . After all this, remove the box will be quite simple.

We’ll have to work hard if the door frame is made of metal. Most likely , you will have to cut some parts grinder . After removing the door , repel the hammer to fall off all the plaster and pieces of the solution , and all protruding nails and pieces of the old acoustic and thermal insulation.

Installing the front door

In general, the size , shape and material of the opening depends on a method of installation of metal doors . The most common way to set the entry door is pivoted so-called “ears” . ” Ears ” – a metal plate are welded to the outer surfaces of the vertical portions of the metal box door. These plates , the thickness of 3-5 mm and a width of 40-60 mm on each side shall be not less than three. They drilled holes of corresponding diameter .

Through holes in the plates to a depth of not less than 150 mm drill hole. Through them clog the anchor bolts or steel pins with a diameter of 10 mm . Anchor bolts are tightened and the steel rods welded to the plates .

If you are unable to perform the installation of metal entrance doors across the plate , the mounting is carried out in other ways.

Install the front door by using steel pins hammered into the hole. They are welded directly to the frame of a metal door . The main disadvantage of this method is that the welding positions damaged paint or polymer coating the metal box door. The paint is still possible to recover , but the polymer coating – no.

Another method of attachment – in the box. This method requires both vertical parts of the entrance door to the box corresponding to the diameter of the hole drilled . They are inserted into the anchor bolts driven into the wall and tighten . It is important that the head of the anchor bolt was drowned in the box.

A disadvantage of this method is that the drilled holes are very close to the outer surface of the wall opening. It is especially dangerous if the mount is made in an old brick wall , as the strength of the door retention is poor .

It is important that the pins during assembly of metal doors were farther from the outer surface. This will help to keep the door from breaking. It is safest to set deep into the front door opening. But in this case the door can be opened to a maximum of 90 degrees.

Unfortunately , very often the size of the door frame and the door opening is not the same. But this can be corrected. When the door frame is less than the door opening to fit around the perimeter of the hole or channel bar square and after the installation process cement mortar slopes .

It is much more difficult situation when the door frame is larger than the hole , because the door is almost nothing you can do . But there is a solution , if the hole brick , not concrete . In this case, you can gently bring down the corner and put a brick through the door unit . And it is possible, if doorframe not more than 10 cm higher than the doorway.

In any case, it is good to set the front door , you should see a specialist. Also, when buying metal doors , pay attention to the number of hinges and locks , the presence of a threshold thickness of the fabric and metal.

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