Install drywall without errors

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Install drywall without errors – This page of our website to help home handyman to avoid the most common errors when installing drywall constructions . Many owners use drywall panels not only for decorative , but also the effective insulation of walls in combination with heat-insulating material . But above all, let’s focus on the choice of material for arranging the supporting framework . Indeed , wood is easier to install and its cost is significantly lower metal profiles . But do not forget that additional treatment is not always effective preservatives , moreover, questioned the ecological properties of the treated wood . It is possible that under the influence of temperature and humidity factors frame may be deformed , which can not but affect the quality of the coating.

The second error is caused by incorrect placement uprights wooden frame . Edges of adjacent panels are not joined on the bar , so do not have a proper stop. The edge of the panel, even relatively small must not hang in the air. Gypsum facing is quite rigid structure and should not be loosening sites. For fixing panels used exclusively rustproof hardware , otherwise , rusty spots on the outer decor can not be avoided . Do not install fasteners close to the edge of the panel , edge distance should be at least 40 mm spacing between fasteners within 40cm .

Features drywall

Drywall, as well as any building material is exposed to thermal expansion , so is left between panels technological gap, which subsequently puttied moisture resistant composition. With self- assembly, often practiced emphasis panels in the floor.

On the one hand , this measure removes the burden from the supporting framework and walls , on the other – the structure of the drywall may suffer from moisture, which flows into a plinth during wet cleaning . For new houses characteristic shrinkage phenomenon largely concerned wood .

As the drying wood and load distribution , height of the wooden structure can be reduced by two to three cm magnitude is small, but the integrity of the plasterboard lining can affect . Material inexpensive, but during the first year of operation at home, everything from the hard liners and expensive interior decoration should be abandoned.

In some cases , the defects occur due to ignorance facing features of this material. For example, bathroom and kitchen facilities used standard drywall, not having a high moisture resistance.

These premises are classified rooms with high humidity , for which developers have created water-resistant drywall panels types . On direct contact with moisture , they are not designed , but in humid conditions can be successfully operated .

Wall insulation rock wool

Mounting frame allows you to perform additional wall insulation . For this purpose, apply mineral basalt slabs Acoustic Batts that effectively work in a dry environment .

If the wall does not have high quality Gidrobarer , gradually collects in the insulation capillary moisture or condensate , which reduces its operating parameters , leads to destruction of the structure and deteriorating the appearance of the liner.

Scheduling finishing drywall decorative ceramics, domestic wizard should take care of enhancing carcass . In this embodiment , the intervals between the vertical ribs is reduced to 40 cm.

On our site we provide amateur builders and repairmen information support. Purchasing supplies and Rockwool insulation materials , you can get a great deal of additional information and reduce the number of possible errors in the work to a minimum.

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