How to install a door lock

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How to install a door lock

Doors , particularly those which are on the back side of the house often provide attackers easy penetration into it. Good locks , properly mounted on sturdy doors and door frames are the basic requirement to guarantee their safety, but at the same time an additional means of protection of your home can help you feel it is safer .

Garage doors and individual buildings in the household are also at risk , so they too should be protected.

Installing mortise locks

Attach a mortise lock on the level of transverse bridge in the center of the door and , using his body as a template, mark the upper and lower horizontal border of the frame. Spend between a vertical line down the middle edge of the door and drill the same thickness along the line make a few holes to a depth of contacting the width of the lock body . Chisel to cut down the slot to lock firmly into it. Insert the lock there , circle the perimeter of the front lining pencil castle , noting its thickness , and then select a chisel seat to pad is firmly in it flush with the edge of the door.

Designate the location of the key and its tube openings ( key consists of the head ( ring), and the barbs tube ) then ream the hole twist drill of the same diameter as the tube , and drank keyhole fret saw . Collect mortise lock and check the operation . Release the spring and releasing the latch bolt is out , mark their position on the jamb of the door. Now, mark , measuring the distance from the outer surface of the door to the center line of the crossbar , and denoting the depth of its occurrence , then cut down the groove provided. Select a chisel seat for locking bar , before fasten it with screws , make sure that the door closes easily .

Installing rim locks

Mark the position of rim locks on doors – draw around it with a pencil as well as any pattern – and make a hole bore bits for the cylindrical core. Insert the cylinder into the hole on the other side of the door , put it back on the mounting plate lock and secure it with screws . Connecting lead cylinder will protrude from the mounting plate.

If necessary, you can cut it to length with a metal saw . Mark on the edge of the door recess for the lock and select the chisel , then set the lock and secure it with screws – making sure that the connecting lead cylinder engages the lock. Close the door jamb to mark the position of the locking bar , then Hollow to her seat , so that when entering into it , it is in contact with the surrounding surface of the front end . Screw the locking bar screws and check that the door is closed there .

How to install a door lock

Box rack latches, lockable key

In the center of the vertical end edge in the alignment of the doors and on the inner surface of the mounting location mark the rack bolts , in order for these two marks were on the same level , use a marker or a combination square with square ruler. In the front edge of the horizontal drill hole to a depth of the valve body . Insert the bolt into the hole , trace with a pencil border lining the front , then pull the latch and mortise chisel Hollow for lining. Attach the valve to the scribe line on the inside of the door , mark and drill the hole for the key.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions rack bolts, set it in place , check to see if it works , and screw the plate keyhole . Close the door and turn the key , slide bolt latches outwards, so that it left a mark on the door jamb . At this point , drill a hole and attach the bracket with a round recess .

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