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miracle sealants seal and enhance reviews
miracle sealants seal and enhance reviews Sealants - is curable materials needed for sealing . Without them, can not do any repairs, and therefore need to be chosen very carefully. Sealants are classified as follows:

preparedness to use :
one component-suitable for immediate use.

two or more component-which must be mixed in accurate proportions.

type basis :


polysulfide or Thiokol ;

acrylic .

Properties and composition of silicone sealants
Silicone sealants are considered universal , they meet the requirements that apply to modern materials , while other sealants have a narrow scope . For example , acrylic sealants are indicated for indoor use , but not for the external sealing of windows , doors , etc.
Properties of silicone sealants :
UV resistance ;

resistance to aggressive environments and changeable weather conditions;
good adhesion to different bases , even without the use of primers ;
Increased heat and frost , silicone sealants remain elastic and strength properties at -50 - 200 degrees ;
can be applied to the surface at a temperature of -30 to +60 degrees.
As for the composition of silicone sealants that they are based on silicone rubber . Also included in the amplifier , which increases the durability and performance has thixotropic properties - even sealant flows from vertical surfaces , the filler , colorant, vulcanizing component that transforms into a paste-like consistency of the original rubber-like material under the influence of moisture. With work surface contact means provided hermetic adhesion promoters , and the elastic properties are increased by the addition of silicone softener.

In silicone sealants necessarily complemented curing component, so further distinguish two types: neutral ( amide , alcohol , amine , oxime ) and ” vinegar ” , because during vulcanization they produce acetic acid odor. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages . For example, ” vinegar ” Sealants inexpensive , but can not be used for sealing materials or surfaces that may interact with the acetic acid - is marble, granite, aluminum materials comprising cement , and others. Neutrals can be used for such surfaces , but their cost is much higher.

In addition to high quality sealants fulfill their purpose , they must have good  properties . But there is a lot of material , most often it is the variety of plastic - polycarbonate, Teflon, polyethylene, PVC , polypropylene, to which many of the adhesion of sealants is quite low . For such materials should be used or professional sealants, which are not cheap , either conventional sealants with special primers , which provide an extra layer between the “problem” and the material surface , forming a strong bond .

Choosing the right sealants

Sealants should be chosen , guided not only by their properties, but also by application areas. For example, to work in areas with a biologically active environment (kitchen, bathroom , shower , swimming pool) need to use sealants with antifungal properties. However, such materials can not be used for products and surfaces that come into contact with food.

Designed for repairing aquariums separate group of funds that are not only resistant to biologically aggressive environments , but also safe for living organisms , while more and have higher strength (not less than 25 kg/cm2 ) .

Before purchasing one or another sealant , check with information such as the type of sealant manufacturer, and recommended the use of allowable density , while fully cured , permissible operating temperature and application , strength and elongation at break ( MPa % ) . Pay attention to the warranty period of storage . Not uncommon when manufacturers diluted sealants plasticizers or other cheaper or even organic ingredients packaged funds expired . Not surprisingly, the sealing material quickly loses its properties .

As part of quality silicone sealant must contain - more than 25 % organic mastic rubber - 3-5% thiokol , polyurethane , acrylic mastic - 3-5% of the epoxy resins - to 1%, mortars - 0.4 %.

Low-quality sealant can be recognized by a low density - up to 1.0 g/cm3 , inability to use at low temperatures down suspiciously price . Also should alert the absence or partial list of performance , lack of supporting documentation and warranty .

Options silicone sealants

Elongation ( or tension) at break expressed as a percentage , is the difference between the initial and final value of the sealant from its original size.

Tensile strength - is a value which indicates the ratio of the force which led to fracture of the material to the cross sectional area of one of the seams. If the buyer knows this value , he can understand what kind of load can withstand sealant if it is used as an adhesive.

The main parameter that distinguish sealants, is the degree of resistance to deformation , it is also called module 100 % elongation . The higher the score, the harder the material . It should be guided by these data , selecting specific sealant application. For civil works suitable low modulus materials with good adhesion .

Adhesive properties are determined in accordance with ISO 9047 . All airtight means may be divided into four categories : cl 25 , cl 20 , cl 12,5 and cl 7,5. Number - it is the amount of deformation as a percentage, which has been successfully under mechanical and thermal effects . During the tests, manufacturers simulate thermal and mechanical load , to predict the behavior of the sealant in certain conditions. If the materials are able to be tested at 25 % strain , they definitely serve you for decades.

Samples that have not passed the test with the strain of 12.5 % , are not suitable for outdoor use. Sealants for some interior work must also be sustainable. For example , the sealant , which patched the gap between the countertop and sink should regularly withstand heating and cooling. Most sealants and test samples of glass and ceramics. Substandard silicone sealants , dilute organic oils , such a test can not withstand as stretched almost like chewing gum .

In accordance with the requirements of ISO 10590 are tested adhesive properties when immersed in water . Samples of the two seal surfaces are immersed for 4 days in distilled water, then stretched in 1.6-2 times and fixed by overnight at room temperature. It is believed that the sealant has passed the test , if the passage of time the density of the weld has been preserved and it does not peel off. This test shows how stable rubbery vulcanization exposed to fluid.

Silicone itself is not afraid of water, but a thin layer that is in contact with the substrate material , vulnerable. The more silicone sealant , the longer it will last even when exposed to rain and UV rays. This is very important if the sealant is needed for roofing , glazing or exterior surfaces grouting between the tiles in the pool. It is believed that the sealant passed the test if both the seam sealant on the collapsed and not as a result of delamination of the two surfaces.

Also are taken into account such factors as the curing time to touch (min.) - this period of time , after which the surface is tack . Full hardening (days) - how much will curing sealant throughout the mass , most often it is 4-7 days. This process depends on the temperature, the ambient humidity , depth of the joint sealant. Shore A hardness ( USD ) - this value shows how hard to get the resulting vulcanization compared with other materials .

Permissible application temperature (degrees C) - at what range or may be applied as recommended sealant.

Allowable operating temperature (degrees C) - at what range guarantees the preservation of the strength properties of the vulcanized rubber of the tool .

Warranty period of storage (months) - a period during which the manufacturer provides a guarantee for the preservation of all indicators sealant , which have been declared on the label.

Ignore the above data , do not be lazy to ask about the availability of documentation and quality certificate , and only then can you be sure that you are buying the right product that meets your requirements for quality and longevity .

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