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how to choose sander
How to choose sander - Anyone who has a car or cottage , probably had to deal with such works as the removal of old paint , rust removal and cutting slate , bricks and pipes. So, can facilitate the work of sander , and how to make the correct choice of instrument we’ll tell you .

Sander - home or professional ?

This is the first question that arises in the consumer when choosing a tool.

Professional tool used for continuous operation. The quality of the material used in the manufacture of the tool is much higher than that of appliances. Professional grinder should work under pressure , so she had such high performance requirements . Professional tool is larger and has a powerful engine .

Household tool intended for a rare work. On average, the sander can be used about 20 hours per month. Household tools smaller and has a small engine power. Working with household tools necessary every 20 minutes to take a break of 15 minutes. Plus household tools is reasonable price and compactness.
Angle grinder
The tool is so named because of the special design : the output shaft is at an angle to the plane of the motor. Of all the models , ” corner ” is the most versatile for grinding, polishing and cutting metal.

A special feature of this model is the power consumption . Powerful tool allows you to use multiple disks and is not heated so quickly. Using the correct size of the disk , you can make one incision that is needed .

When selecting important to immediately determine the purposes for which the instrument will be used . If you need to cut concrete or stone , then you should choose a power tool in 2000 watts. If the grinder is used for polishing , grinding and cutting shallowly then you can buy a power tool 1000 watts.

belt sander
Primarily used for grinding a flat surface to remove thick layers of material . Widely used in interior decoration . Also tape tool used in the processing of parts of doors and windows , for edges and curves . Tool often used in car repairs when you need to grind a large area.

vibrating sander
Vibrating tool used to finish polishing a flat surface. Using vibratory grinder can handle wood, metal , plastic , stone.

Job polishers reciprocating at high speed. For the treatment of small parts and hard to reach places use a small delta car. Many machines have a vibrating dust collector that collects all the dust from sanding. This function is needed , as the dust is harmful to health .

helpful hints
When processing the varnished surface switch machine to the minimum speed . When handling such sensitive surfaces can not prevent overheating .

Belt Sanders must first enable and then bring it to the surface being treated , otherwise the machine may be dropped. At work should not lean on the machine , as is sufficient and its own weight.

In working with an angle grinder to wear protective goggles . Do not forget from time to time to remove the dust from the surface of the tool and work without overloading.

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