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how to choose Heat gun
Heat gun - is a powerful heater that is designed for heating large industrial, warehouse and building premises. Among the common varieties of HVAC equipment , guns are small capacity , which are used in the home for heating garages and country houses where there is no central heating .

Features a heat gun

disorder resembles a heat gun heater, where the hot air flow throughout the room space with the help of the fan blades . Since the device provides significant temperature guns housing is made of robust steel coated with corrosion inhibitor .
Modern models have a variety of systems - it thermostats, overheat protection and control system . Heat guns are completely safe , if the operation is carried out according to instructions. Automatic control system allows you to set the desired temperature , which is maintained long term.

sphere of application

Scope guns sufficiently wide - construction projects that require dry painted  premises , warehouses and industrial premises, where it is necessary to warm up jobs , cattle farms and vegetable base . Heat gun allows to heat large spaces where other thermal heaters powerless.

In construction, heat gun applies significant role , since there are a variety of processes that simply can not be carried out without heat , especially in the winter. Also, using a heat gun carried Installation of suspended ceilings where required to heat the coating .

electric gun
Electric heat gun often called heater,  which also provides the flow of warm air . Electric heat gun can be up to 30 kW of power. But as the cost of electricity does not allow the gun to operate at full capacity. Therefore, this model guns most often used for local heating .

Feature electric guns that they are compact and mobile. For home heating will be enough gun 2-3 kW , while the room will warm up in a few minutes . Recommended temperature , which should be applied electric gun ranges -10 … +35 degrees. It is worth noting that electric gun is the safest device for home use , as there is no combustible fuel .

gas gun

Heat gun , running on gas is not as compact as the previous model, but it is much more economical . If there is a need for long-term space heating , there is no better solution than gas installation is not found. It is worth noting that the use of this equipment , however , requires the use of electricity which is necessary for operation of the fan.

Gas heat gun can run on natural gas or balloon trunk . Used bottles can be refilled at gas filling stations . The kit includes a gas gun necessarily hose with reduction gearbox . In operation, the gas heat gun should be regularly ventilate the room if the room is no good ventilation system . All the matter is that the combustion gas , consumes a large amount of oxygen .

Choosing a gas heat gun , make sure that the model has control of flame and heat protection casing. Of course , these models will be of great value, but when it comes to the safety of workers , the economy is not relevant .

diesel gun

Particularly the differences in gas and diesel units there is little, other than fuel system and its submission. Diesel heat gun rather be called liquid fuel , since they can not only work on the engine , but also on diesel , kerosene , and waste oil . Diesel cannons can be direct and indirect heating . Models direct heating more affordable , but can be used only in well-ventilated room , as all the products of combustion in the space allocated .

Indirect heating models have a chimney , through which all the products of combustion are displayed on the street. Heat guns indirect heating can completely safe and can be used in homes and areas where people work .

All models of heat guns - is a powerful equipment that requires the operation of compliance with all safety standards . To heat gun operated by all the rules , you need to read the instructions in detail . For electric models is a risk zone wiring that must be powerful enough .

In working with gas gun , you need to follow the inlet hose , which should not be damaged . It is worth remembering that diesel guns can not overturn that there was no leak and ignite the fuel.

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