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drill batteries power tools
drill batteries power tools - If you choose a tool for home , for certain of screwdrivers , hammers and various other tools , you also thought about purchasing a cordless drill . Drill on batteries . When it comes to repairs in different places in the house or garden , it is not always possible to provide mains, cordless drill can be a salvation.

Advanced technology is so advanced in recent years , that in the case of cordless drill , you can find a variety of options comparable in strength to the wired counterparts , and many of them are also quite democratic price .

If you remember the previous generation of cordless tool , you will not forget and a lack of capacity for work, and also quite long charging and short battery life .

Largely due to advances in batteries , Rechargeable Drill . More and more companies are using lithium- ion batteries for portable equipment and tools. These batteries have a distinct advantage over Ni-MH ( nickel-metal ) and Ni-Cd batteries :.
1. Big weight advantage .

2 . At 5 times slower discharge of the battery.

3 . Prolonged use of the battery ( service life).

4 . At 2.5 times faster charge rate than Ni-Cd.

Studies also show that lithium - ion batteries have no memory effect , which means that if you charge (not Li-ion ) battery, which is not fully Drill on batteries . exhausted or will not charge it until the end , the battery “remembers” this partial capacity , and the next time you use will run down faster than before. This does not happen with Li-Ion batteries, and it is explained by the properties of the material from which they are made.

Selecting a screwdriver What is different from the screwdriver drill

As with anything you buy, there are cordless drills of different quality and price range. For occasional use and simple tool works right for you 12 volts . Professional builders and craftsmen can look to drill 18 volts - it is suitable for daily use and heavy projects. For those sectors of construction, which requires drilling concrete or steel, is likely to require much more energy . For these works fit 36 volt drill .

The following tips will help you when choosing a cordless drill : Drill on batteries .
Battery and voltage .
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries - is the newest type of battery , they are usually easier , but they can be much more expensive due to the cost of their production.

Ni-MH batteries have a long shelf life.

Ni-Cd - one of the oldest types of batteries, the most common in a variety of power tools . They are notorious for their “memory effect “, so suggest a cautious and proper use and storage .

Also keep in mind that the higher the voltage at the battery , Rechargeable Drill . the more power you can expect from your tool.

Weight .

Weight is largely dependent on where and how you plan to use your tool . For example, you plan to renovate your home , and you need a long time to keep the drill overhead. It is better to think about buying a lighter model. On the other hand , if you are planning to drill a few holes for mounting shelves , you do not just deliver great concern over the massive model drill.


Drill speed range control feature that allows you to control the speed for different types of tasks . Drill on batteries . For heavy work and screwing various screws and screws, you will most likely be using a slow speed . Higher velocity may generally need for drilling holes in solid materials.

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