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How and what to glue ceramic
How and what to glue ceramic - Ceramic products often broken or cracked . If you know how and what to glue ceramic, you can quickly deal with the problem and easy to fix a broken thing.

Ceramic bonding procedure depends on the type of adhesive used :

1. “Rapid” , ” ASC “, ” Mars” , ” Unicum “, ” Kittifaks “, ” Mekol “, “MC -1 ” and ” Pateks .” Above all , it is necessary to degrease the surface of a ceramic using a cotton swab , and acetone . Glue should be applied directly on the two surfaces . After the glue joints will be lubricated , they must leave soak for twenty minutes . After this time you need to repeat a layer of glue and gently combine to be gluing parts. Sutures must be firmly pressed against each other . You can fix them with a rubber tourniquet or clamp . Three hours later, the seam is ” grab “. Use the glued object can be two days later .

2 . “Rapid” , ” ASC “, ” Mekol ” and ” Kittifiks .” In addition to the method described above as they can be used to glue ceramic products as follows: after degreasing surfaces to be bonded to the adhesive is applied and immediately connected with the effort , subsequently fixing a rubber tourniquet.
3 . ” Elasto -2 .” Is a two-component water-resistant adhesive . On sale it is presented in the form of two tubes made ​​of aluminum. Before you start gluing, the pipes are components are mixed . Glue is applied only to the degreased , dry surface . Immediately after applying parts firmly compressed and retained for three days .

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