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Homemade device for sharpening chisels
With only sandpaper and a simple homemade device for sharpening, you can do in a matter of minutes your chisel and other tools sharp as a razor. You postpone sharpening your tools, while they did not blunt? There is a simple and cheap way to return them former sharpness. We are confident that with his help you will always keep your blades and chisels planers in excellent working condition.

This worth doing, if only because that sharp tools allow you to perform the job easier, neater and much safer. If the chisel cuts the wood easily and you do not apply for this great effort, it is unlikely to fall through, damaging the surface or your hand. Using the correct technique of sharpening you will spend too much time on it. While sharpening depends on the hardness of steel and cutting edge state, on average to make the blunted razor-sharp chisel, takes no more than 10 minutes.

Homemade device for sharpening is not inferior to expensive and complicated

There is a huge range of tools for sharpening tools ranging from natural, synthetic, and diamond stones and rocks, and to specialized electrical Bench Grinders horizontal and vertical type. However, a simple sandpaper has several advantages over all of these means. It effectively grind metal, provides flat faces and costs very little.
For best results, use a black sandpaper for wet and dry grinding with abrasive silicon carbide. Silicon carbide grains firmer other abrasives are used in the manufacture of abrasive paper, such as aluminum oxide or garnet, so it grinds steel and long life. Stock up on paper with a gradually decreasing grain size (100, 150, 220, 320, 400 and 600 units), and now you can again do everything sharp hand tools in your workshop.
For final finishing cutting edges need a bit of fine abrasive powder. You can use household cleaners mixture consisting of oxalic acid, feldspar and soda.

It requires a firm and level surface, such as a piece of MDF sheet on which lay sheets of paper. If the surface is too smooth, for example, glass or plastic and sandpaper starts to slide - use water. Although not necessary, you will be better able to evaluate the result of using a magnifying glass.

And finally, as for sharpening on sandpaper is very important to accurately sustain angle blade, use a simple but robust and reliable tool of hardwood, which allows you to confidently control the entire process of sharpening. When working with them exactly the blade is held at a predetermined angle without leaning from side to side, and it turns out perfectly flat bevel. In a place with that device for sharpening allows movement from side to side to prevent wear of the abrasive paper on the same site. Before you start sharpening, do yourself a same device.

Place the device so that the bottom edge and bevel relied on sandpaper. One hand, hold the edge of the sheet, and the other, grasp the holder (B). Slide the holder together with a chisel away, clutching a chamfer to the paper. Then return to his slightly by loosening the pressure. After making a few of these movements, remove the holder from the base and check the bevel of the blade. It does not matter to sharpen a chisel or new old - the problem the same. Need to chamfer all evenly covered with a thin risk parallel to the cutting edge. If it takes more to make a few moves, move a little base tools to use untapped portion of the sheet. Remove the chisel of the fixtures, push it onto the sandpaper upper plane (back) and make a few moves from side to side. And again the same goal - to achieve a uniform pattern formed thin risks.

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