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Frying pan for induction cooker
Frying pan for induction cooker - Induction cookers are rapidly gaining popularity . And no wonder , because it is really worthy of the technology ! Saves a lot of electricity to heat the frying time required in half , easy to clean and completely safe , since only heated dishes, while the plate itself remains completely cold .
But there is a small flaw induction cooker - dishes should be special . It should have a good electrical currents , but in this case it will be possible to cook anything . What kind of dishes, its advantages and disadvantages - all fully illuminate this article . Happy reading !

Despite the frenzied hype surrounding induction cookers in our time , first they are not particularly interested in then . Primarily because of the high prices. And only restaurateurs imbued this innovation , made ​​itself felt all the advantages that brings this a stove, then get inspired by their example beginning more and more people.

Together with the advent of these plates , and dishes began to appear . ” Dishes for induction cookers “, so called this innovation. What is it different from its predecessors ? No, nothing special. Simply it has special ferromagnetic inclusions , through which she quickly warmed up . Otherwise , it is , in principle, ordinary that neither is the tableware .

Outer sheath - a layer of stainless steel, which is very easy to clean ;

Inside - aluminum layer as an excellent conductor of heat. Aluminum distributes heat evenly as possible , and overcooking products;

By non-stick properties of aluminum non-stick coating is added directly , through which you can cook without any oil. To it does not burn or potatoes, or meat, or any other product ;

Well ferromagnetic inclusions that significantly reduce heating time .

Why accelerate ? Because on the induction cooker can fry in cast iron , and enameled pans in , but they will heat up more slowly. Thus, the list of cookware for induction cooker indirectly and includes some ordinary , seemingly dishes.
But it’s better to buy it pans for induction stoves . They bask in the order of magnitude faster , even faster than the usual pan on a gas stove . Furthermore , they can be prepared and on the gas , and on electric stoves .

1. Diameter of the base of the induction pans must be at least 12 cm, otherwise it simply will not heat up ;

2 . The thickness of the bottom of the pan should be at least 2 mm ;

3 . Price category - from two thousand rubles. If less than this amount, pan , not worth the risk ;

4 . As a rule, the dishes with ferromagnetic properties applied markings .

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of pans for induction stoves, keep in mind that they are made of cast iron or stainless steel , so we can safely transfer ware features of these materials on their more modern counterparts .

Thus, the advantages !
Cast Iron Cookware :

Cast iron pans are extremely durable . They are often passed down from generation to generation , and thus did not lose their properties . Moreover, their natural non-stick layer is only getting better with time !
Has tremendous inertia , through which retains heat for a long time . In many cases, this feature makes it indispensable utensils ;
Cast iron has excellent environmental performance , so the food does not fall heavy metals or toxic substances.

Stainless steel tableware :
Not oxidized , making it impervious to rust and consequences of this process ;
The feature of the metal pan of stainless steel, it prepares the food does not lose its beneficial properties ;
You can store food in the refrigerator after cooking without fear that pan rust .
But, unfortunately , this cookware is not without drawbacks.

Cast Iron Cookware :

If there is no enamel coating , it is susceptible to corrosion and therefore need especially to monitor her condition . ( do not leave wet , do not store food in it , and so on );
Cooking sour it is not recommended ;
Due to the porous nature of the iron , these pans absorb odors that can be transmitted from the dish to the dish. It is generally recommended to have a separate cast-iron skillet for each course : for potatoes, meat , fish , and so on ;
Despite its durability, cast iron cookware is quite fragile . In the fall , it can be split ;
And finally, not quite disadvantage rather unpleasant fact , but it is impossible not to note the great weight of cast iron cookware .
Stainless steel tableware :

The food in these pans is less protected from the burning ;
Nickel contained in this dish , some can cause allergic reactions ;
That’s all. If you are going to buy a dish with ferromagnetic properties suggest you continue reading this article , where we will tell you about the most famous producers of this type of dishes .

Manufacturers pans for induction hobs
How not to get lost among the variety of brands that produce pans for induction stoves, and to choose the most worthy model? The choice is really very large, but among them have long formed its own leaders .

In the premium segment , you can safely choose among the products of German company «Fissler». It produces perhaps the most high-quality , ergonomic and stylish dishes. Their product range includes not only pans, but also pots, pressure cookers , roasters , woks . Anything your heart desires . But at the same time be aware that prices for such dishes will be higher than on the dishes their less fortunate competitors.

Not behind the leader German company «Woll». Frying of this cast , imagine manually ( ! ) Have titanium- ceramic non-stick coating and a thickness of 10 millimeters at the bottom . How and pans «Fisser», they were created on quality. To save there are other firms .

For example, in our part of the advertised French company «Tefal». They produce very high quality pans for quite reasonable prices . Series 4U Inox, Pro Seriesm Privilege Pro designed specifically for induction cookers .

Another decent firm in which assortment pans at reasonable prices , is a Czech company «Tescoma».

Thus, even in the four companies represented by us , you can choose for themselves the most appropriate option from poured out manually stylish pans «Woll» to simple , but high-quality pans «Tefal».

Picking up the pan for induction cooker , look at the quality of the material from which it is made and the thickness of the bottom. At the same time , try not to save , because of the price usually depends on the warm-up time of your chosen pan.

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Frying pan for induction cooker
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