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Different types of diamond drilling
Appeared in the 19th century, diamond drilling has become the most popular construction technology. Drilling with all sorts of units is carried out by means of high- precision equipment and Diamond Products. With these tools , you can easily perform various types of drilling operations. Diamond drilling equipment on the market today is all sorts of settings - from drilling machines , drilling machines and Bulgarians to complex systems such as wire saws and tape machines .

The essence of diamond drilling is friction. Diamond tool is equipped with special knives for cutting products. Knives work by rotation. The rotation is effected by the motor. By type of food the whole instrument is conventionally divided into - diesel, electric and petrol . Diesel tools - a drill rigs that run on diesel- powered motor .

Petrol tool - that aggregates that operate gasoline- eating , power is mainly represented by different ids equipment that operates on 220 volts in the network.
Any tool is intended for diamond drilling , equipped with crowns. Diamond drill bits for concrete have different views diameter. Conventionally, all bits are divided on the crown with a matrix of the overall work , which wear out and not restored , those columns are cheaper and crowns with repeated use. This crown is up to the state of complete deterioration. It can be restored . The main advantage over the traditional diamond drilling - is that with the help of diamond settings can get the most accurate result , at the time, as ordinary drilling rigs produce results approximately equal to the size of the desired hole.

Diamond drilling is carried out where necessary to obtain high-quality and high-precision the effect of working with a drill press . Most hard rock types are easy to drill electric and gasoline tool. Granite, marble, concrete and reinforced concrete in the permafrost and heat can be easily drilled diamond equipment . Appearing in the 60s in the west , drilling tools for building received the most widespread in Russia in the late 90 ‘s. For us now drilling with diamond bits - it’s one of the best ways to work in concrete works .

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