How to glue wallpaper on the ceiling

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Remove any air vents or light fixtures from ceiling using screwdriver. Pour wallpaper paste into 5-gallon bucket, then add an even coat of paste along area of ceiling where first roll of wallpaper will be installed using paint roller handle and roller sleeve. Unfurl wallpaper approximately 6” longer in width than the ceiling itself, then cut to size using utility knife or razor blade. Position first roll of paper in place up against paste-covered area of ceiling, repositioning paper until perfectly straight. Tip: This is referred to as a “dry fit” which requires a run of paper be put in place yet left loose for positioning.

How To Wallpaper A Ceiling, How to glue wallpaper on the ceiling, In today’s world there are so many different options for decorative decoration. Despite the wide variety of finishing materials, the idea of ​​pasting wallpaper on the ceiling is still relevant, although it was not widely distributed. When you select this option processing, you must first carefully examine the technological part.

Thus, the very first, to prepare the surface for wallpapering ceilings. In the training part putty the cracks in the ceiling and leveling the surface. If there is a vertical drop ceiling surface, then remove it using painter’s net. After alignment, ceiling surface cleaned and primed. Putty for this purpose bred in cold water to the state viscous consistency, removing all lumps formed.

When using a paint grid alignment, it is necessary to attach to the ceiling, and put a plaster on top, with a spatula width must be at least 20 centimeters.

If surface treated filler without mesh, the width spatula may be 15 centimeters.

After drying, the surface is treated with coarse paper and then primer. Next, determine the direction of the canvas wall. It is important to consider the shape of the room. Usually begin to glue wallpaper from right to left wall. You can stick wallpaper from the window and, going into the room. Before sticking measured length ceilings, and canvas wall measured based allowances on the wall 2 inches. Note that if the wallpaper with a pattern, you need to adjust this picture, so that it is not lost in the process of pasting. To achieve accuracy in relation to the figure, the roll can be deployed along with the last canvas and fit it on the drawing canvas.

How to glue wallpaper on the ceiling

Glue on canvas applied by roller or wide brush. Can ceiling lines, which then glue fabric wallpaper to achieve maximum accuracy and precision. Sticks and canvas using pure wide roller, the use of which will help to squeeze out the air bubbles out of the canvas.

Wallpaper A Ceiling Review

Me wallpapering our living room ceiling with my step daughter giving a helping hand supporting the paper.

Remember that it is important not only to carry out work at sticking wallpaper, but also to observe some rules after their completion. For example, we can arrange drafts indoors, open windows and doors for complete drying glue. Otherwise, the glue can dry out very quickly and then disappear wallpaper.

How To Wallpaper A Ceiling

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