How to remove old paint from the surface

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How to remove old paint from the surface – Matter of removing old paint always rises during the repair of any premises. Surface paint process is the most popular decoration. Naturally, if the painted surface, we decided to “sheathe” clapboard or similar surfacing materials, then remove the old paint is not necessary. But usually we just update the surface paint, and she falls ill and keeps the old layer. Therefore, remove the old paint must necessarily.

There are several options for removing old paint. They depend on the type of material on which a paint designed to remove and affordable place where you want to remove the old layer. So, there are three types of removal of old paint: mechanical, chemical and thermal. But you usually have to combine several types.

Mechanical removal of old paint type is scraping it with a spatula, knife or electrical tools. If the surface is not flat and has a small area, then it will have to scrape through small sharp tools. For example, to remove the paint with carved wooden legs of old furniture, you can use a small glass of appropriate size. Naturally Shard will not do. Better, especially a scraper cut glass cutter.

Large areas are cleaned of old paint using power tools. You can use the “grinder” or drills, with special nozzles. Emery petal disc easily cope with an old paint covered in one layer. If several layers, it is best to use a brush tip-wheel brushes. I, in most cases, used wheel brushes firm Osborn. Brush this company are more durable.

When removing old paint using the tool you need to take care of safety. Just need to open all the windows, if possible. Airway should be protected by a respirator, and a special eye shield or goggles.

The chemical method, in contrast to mechanical, is not as dusty. But, he is associated with toxic fumes that come from the drugs used. Its essence is that the area you want to clean off the old paint, covered with special fluids that foamed impregnating paint it. After 20-25 minutes, you can easily using mechanical tools to remove a layer of old paint. If several layers, then after removing one layer, you must again use special preparations to remove the old paint.

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This method is quite expensive. One such drug of good quality does not cost less than the price of paint. In addition, use paint stripper on a ceiling or similar surface is problematic. True manufacturers of such drugs have found a way. They let the paint stripper into a jelly that is applied with a brush and flows down.

And finally, the third way to strip paint – thermal. This method appeared thanks to the invention of building a hair dryer. This device heats the surface up to 600 degrees. After this treatment, the paint as in the case of chemical agents, foams and easily removed using scrapers.

Before the invention of the building dryer people used old irons. This method is now good. Old iron, which is not a pity to spoil the food is placed on a sheet of foil, which covered the surface with which it is necessary to remove the old paint. Method of “ironing” warmed surface, and then the usual mechanically scraped off the old paint.

To summarize our recommendations for removing old paint. If the area is flat and large enough, so do not spend a lot of money is better to use a mechanical method using power tools. To the places where you can not use a mechanical way to fully, you can apply chemicals, and then remove the paint with a small scraper. Construction hairdryer effective in all cases, but it is necessary to take into account the temperature to which it can warm the surface and be ready for this.

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