how to make fountain at home

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how to make fountain at home

Who says the fountain is only a street fixture? Modern scenery of this type with equal success is used both outside the house and indoors – everything is decided by size and device. For apartments and houses, as a rule, small fountains are used, which are called “home fountain”. It is about them, or rather about the options of their self-making, will talk in this article.

A person can contemplate three things for a long time – for a long time he is not able to take his eyes off the flames, flowing water and how someone else works. It is for this reason that the most common decorations in houses and apartments are all sorts of fireplaces and fountains. In this article we will talk about fountains – together with the site Dream House we will deal with the question, how to make a home fountain with your own hands? We will consider various options for self-making this decor and most importantly – to understand the principle of creating similar things, knowledge of which will allow you to design these products at home.

Home Fountain: How it works

Most of you will probably be surprised at how much the fountain is a simple thing – you can even say that by the standards of modern technology it is an elementary thing, which in manufacturing does not cause difficulties at all. If you deal with its design, you can divide it into just a few separate parts. Plus or minus, of course, as there is no limit to perfection, and it can be improved, as they say, to infinity.

decorative effect with a wall fountain

Pump. Today it is a very small part – a box measuring 5 by 5cm. In principle, more and no longer necessary. You can buy such a pump in almost any specialty store, on the construction market and in almost every first economic hypermarket. Even if you can not find a pump in them, you can always go to the store, where fish and aquariums are sold, and there instead of it to buy a filter for the aquarium (the principle of its work is exactly the same).

Capacity. Here there are the most problems – despite the fact that you can make a home fountain with your own hands even from an ordinary pelvis or bowl, people still have difficulties with it. The fact that everyone wants something unusual, and the man just drives himself to a dead end. Make such home fountains from almost anything – some people sculpt it from clay, others try to lay out small natural stones, well, and others adapt as a container ordinary household stuff, problems with which usually does not happen. Naturally, it needs to be put in order a little bit. But without it, you know, you can not do even when making a fountain of brand new building materials.

And as for the principle of the work of such devices, there is not much to understand – the movement of the liquid just rings. There is a container from which the pump pumps out water and feeds it into the fountain jets – flying out in the form of a beautiful decorative jet or draining a waterfall, it returns back to the same container, from which, again, sucked by the pump and sent to the next ring cycle. That’s the whole fountain.

How to make a fountain at home: options

Among the most common options for making home fountains with their own hands can be singled out only a couple of more or less successful designs. To be frank, the only only one that is completely successful – the first variation, though acceptable for a house or apartment, still has several significant drawbacks.

How do you make yourself at home fountain

A classic home mini fountain with your own hands, in which the release of water is made by trickle up. By and large, it has only one advantage – elementary manufacturing. In contrast to this dignity is such a disadvantage as splashing water on the floor or furniture. It can be avoided only one way – to use a large bowl for water, which in itself translates this product from the category of mini fountains into the category of fountains of medium size. You only need to choose this design when there is enough space to install it. Alternatively, you can slightly extinguish the rising jet of water and redirect it downwards – for this purpose you will need to mount over the jet another small bowl, set upside down.

Waterfall or cascade of waterfalls. This design is considered to be the most acceptable for the manufacture of a mini fountain for the house – it provides the release of water not by jet up, and draining it down. So to speak, the flow from one container to another – the lower of the containers is cumulative (it contains a supply of water), and the upper transit or, more correctly, is false, as it is more necessary for extinguishing the jet created by the pump. Naturally, at the same time it is a decoration, which can be made either in the form of a jug, or in the form of an underground key, or in some other form. By and large, this product can be very diverse – not an exception is the notorious boy, and spitting water toad. In these cases, you will have to clearly direct the trickle, so that it does not create a spray. As a rule, the upper and lower containers are connected to each other tightly in order to hide all internal communications – in particular, the tube coming from the pump and wire. By the way, the pump itself is a fully water-protected product – it is installed directly in the cumulative lower bowl directly into the water.

Depending on the necessary size of the home fountain, you can install intermediate containers – to create a so-called cascade of waterfalls, which will look much more attractive. The principle of making such fountains is no different from a single waterfall – the only thing that is added here is one or more intermediate containers. In this situation, the pump water is fed into the upper container, from where it flows into the tank, located just below. In turn, from this reservoir the water will flow into the container located below – with this approach to the case the number of containers can be unlimited.

How to make a home fountain with your own hands: installing without a pump

At once I will say that this is not a perpetual engine, and work indefinitely such a fountain will not be able – it is a great toy, clearly demonstrating the work of the laws of physics and no more. Depending on the containers used in the design of such a fountain, you can count on 10, 15 minutes, perhaps even half an hour of work time – then you will need to recharge, which you will get tired of in the near future.

how to make fountain at home

We are talking about the Heron Fountain, which requires three containers, consistently connected with each other tubes – it is a completely airtight system that works thanks to the air traffic jam. From the receiving bowl water comes to the lowest, and most importantly, empty container – it presses on the air in it, which, in turn, creates pressure in the upper tank (it is with water). It is this pressure that causes the water to rise up the fountain. Most interestingly, the jet lift can be quite large and reach 1m in height. Moreover, this fountain can even be somewhat “automated” – to organize its recharge with less time and effort. Undoubtedly, this is a noteworthy invention of humanity, which should be devoted to a separate article, which in the future and will do.

In conclusion, the theme is how to make a home fountain, a few words about very attractive additions that will allow you to contemplate not only the kind of flowing water, but also to observe the various effects. The very first thing that comes to mind here is the illumination. It can be organized in different ways, but the most interesting of them is the use of a small electric generator. A small appliance, bought in the store, is quite able to make LEDs glow – you can arrange them anywhere, the main thing is not to forget that water and electricity – things incompatible in principle.

The second point that will diversify the home fountain – it’s a variety of mechanical things. The simplest of them is the wheel of a water mill, which can be installed between two containers. By the way, such a wheel is quite easy to combine with an electric current generator. By and large, various water-driven toys can be made a great variety – it’s boats floating on the surface of the water, and ducks, and birds, and much more.

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