How to keep flowers alive for more time

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Some hints and tips to extend the lifespan of flowers.

How to keep flowers alive for more time

The flowers are a subject of beautification that apart from giving life to a room provides colors and fragrances. But what happens when those flowers responsible for giving life suffer from the sadness of being withered and turned off. This is when it is important to give them good care to prolong its good appearance. Here some tips: buying flowers freshness should be checked: If the outside of the stem is brown or viscous means that the flower is not fresh. Immediately after purchased, they should be immersed in cold water just under the Corollas.


Then, cut the stems under water bevel. This mode will prevent the formation of air bubbles which prevent the movement of water. You must pay attention in the leaves leaves that are inside the vase, it should not be any water contact since they break down quickly and pollute it. Also, to avoid the corruption of water add a preservative product or some drops of chlorine bleach. If necessary should complete the water level and change it completely every four days. At that time, you can leverage to refresh the stems by cutting them, always in bezel and under water. Are you should never start a wilted flower, not cut it. Proceed in the same way with wilted petals.

Preparing flowers

How to keep cut roses? Flower preparation is a priority and very important procedure that prolongs the life of the plant.

As soon as you come home, do not rush immediately to put flowers in a vase of water. Roses will need a little time to adapt to the new “living” conditions. Leave the bouquet for 30-60 minutes on a flat horizontal surface.

To keep the cut roses for longer, first of all carefully examine the flowers in the bouquet. Fresh roses usually stand in a vase for a longer period of time. The freshness of the flower can be determined by the leaves adjacent to the buds: densely located leaves indicate that the plant has been cut recently.

How to keep flowers alive for more time

To make the roses stay longer in the room, you need to work with them a little. First, immerse them in a basin or a bucket of water so that the buds are on the surface. Giving the plant the opportunity to get drunk well, update the cut of each stem, using a sharp knife or scissors for garden work. Trim the roses in water (somewhere 1.5-2 cm) – so you prevent air from entering the stems of the flower.

The cut should be oblique and split at the end. The next step is to cut off all the spikes and leaves that are covered with water in the vase. This procedure must be performed. Otherwise, the leaves begin to rot, bacteria enter the water, negatively affecting the condition and life expectancy of the flower composition.

Our alcohol, vodka, silver spoon, popular among young people drinks Coca-Cola and Sprite – all this can also be used to prolong the life of bouquets. If you definitely see that earlier chemicals were used to revive the plant, then boldly add a few drops of any bleach to the vase.

Remember: you don’t need to mix all the recommended components, just one thing is enough! Trying to prolong the life of roses in a vase, try not to overdo your desires and actions.


What do you need or how to make the roses in the house stand longer? The next stage is the choice of a place for a bouquet. A well-chosen and organized place is a guarantee of the long life of your home rosary. Store plants indoors with moderate humidity and average air temperature. The room should be a good air circulation, and it is not necessary to put a vase near an open window or on a draft.

How to keep the cut roses in the bouquet longer

Change the water daily. In summer it should be quite cool, in winter – room temperature. When you change the water, rinse the stems under the tap.

Freshness and aroma will help to keep the bouquet spraying with the sprayer. Be careful not to fall into the center of the bud.

Try to protect roses from direct exposure to sunlight. The bouquet should stand far enough away from the heating devices and away from the draft.

What if they’ve already started to wither

With the help of water procedures, resuscitation is possible! Get some cold water (7-12 degrees) in the bath. Put the flowers in the water so that only buds are on its surface. Leave them in the bathroom for the whole night: the longer they are in the water, the better the result. In the morning, cut the tips of the stems by 2-4 centimeters. Add a tablespoon of washing to the vase. After such procedures, the flowers will again sparkle with freshness, as if you had just cut them!

Roses, like women, are very fond of being cared for properly. Then their beauty they are ready to please you for a very long time. The main thing is not to be lazy!

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