How to clean shower head

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How to clean shower head? – Many people do not like to do cleaning the shower, but the more you do it, the easier it will be to do. Regular cleaning of the soul does not make you work, but for a long time will ensure its proper functioning.

Clean and tidy. First, remove all the excess out of the bathroom. Wash bottles with shampoo, conditioner and cleaners, sponges, soap dish and brush. Arrange everything in its place. Remove the floor mat, and all the extra bubbles and other debris discard.

Ideally you need to clean the shower every day after use, because you spend so it is not more than five minutes, and removing longstanding stains will require much more time. Every day, doors and curtain in the shower exposed to water, means to care for the body, lather that leave stains. Fortunately, there are clever tricks to clean the shower enclosure. Read our tips!

We all take a shower every day. This procedure is very like us that can be a long soak under warm running water and sing a song, for example. But over time, may disrupt our idyll banal breaking shower heads. We’ll show you how to clean shower head quickly and reliably.

Often we can decrease water pressure due to the fact that inside the shower head was formed scale, which prevents water and pour more intensively. This fact clouds, because we are waiting for the big head. To resolve this, it is necessary to apply the descaling agent.

And you’ll need a screwdriver, pelvis and gloves.

The procedure itself is fairly simple cleaning. Disconnect the hose from the shower head, only very carefully loosen and sharply not to collapse threads. Take a plate, which is responsible for the distribution of water inside the head, and dip it in the descaling agent. Hold the plate for a while in the liquid and as it cleanse, remove. After that, it is very important to open taps and flush pipe high pressure water. When you make sure that all the pipes are clean, shower head screw into place. You are finished. Enjoy taking a shower!

Follow this video to know more about cleaning the shower head

How to clean shower head

How to clean shower heads. To thoroughly clean shower heads, they have to be removed. Wrap the nozzle in a towel to prevent damage to chrome surfaces, and with a pair of pliers, unscrew the mounting. Disassemble the nozzle and put all the parts in vinegar overnight. Then, if necessary, replace worn parts.

Morning with an old toothbrush, clean the shower head from the inside, especially in a place where there are holes – usually there are accumulated precipitation of minerals contained in the water. After cleaning the nozzle, rinse it with water, and then reassemble. If you are hesitant to dismantle it, you can completely immerse it in a plastic bag with vinegar, tie bag and leave overnight.

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