How to clean porcelain

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Porcelain – a type of baked clay. It was invented in China, and is now used to create a variety of items ranging from decorative tea sets to fixing bath. Porcelain material is fragile, so be careful when you clean it. Porcelain items are usually one of the most expensive things in the house, so to keep your precious collection of tableware and accessories, you will surely be useful tips collected in this article.

Porcelain is a special kind of ceramics loved by many. Crockery gives any kitchen elegance and aristocracy, and figurines made ​​of this material have long been collectible. But how do you keep porcelain long time, and thus to leave his brilliance and beauty of ceramics?

First of all, if you want to lay porcelain longer preserved it must be properly stored. If you collect figurines funny, then for such collections are sold special cabinets in which glass windows do not miss the dust, which is harmful porcelain.

Large collection to be divided and flaunt partially. While some figurines are on the shelves, while others are stored in boxes, where there is little dust and moisture. Perfectly suited for this plastic food containers. They can be signed, and that during transport porcelain not empty space in boxes can be put wool.

China shift thick white paper

Porcelain wash under running water is not recommended. Just strictly forbidden to wash china use abrasive powders and other household chemicals. To return to the original luster porcelain it can be wiped with a cloth dampened with tartaric acid or turpentine.

How to clean porcelain

If porcelain dirty on so many that it is necessary to wash, you should do it in a small tank, pre-wiping cloth and lathered soap without additives. For example, children.

Water for washing china should be warm. Soap is washed off by dipping porcelain in pure water.

Wet porcelain immediately wiped dry and put on a shelf or placed in storage in a sealed container.

Crockery and small original figures have always been proud owners of the house. Now fashion china regaining popularity, and hence proper care this material can cause porcelain please not only you, but other generations of your family.

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