How to choose an electric stove?

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How to choose electric stove

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How to choose an electric stove?

The difference in price between certain models of electric stoves can reach several tens of thousands. What does it depend on, and how to choose the perfect electric stove? As always, we offer the simplest algorithm.

Step 1. Determine the number of burners

Everything is simple here: if there are one or two people in the family, if you rarely cook in principle or you have a very small kitchen, choose a stove with two burners. In other cases, it is better to purchase a traditional model for four burners. There are also “intermediate” options – plates with three burners and, for example, a stand for hot dishes instead of a fourth.

Step 2. Choosing the material of the hob coating

There are three main materials that can be covered with a hob:

Enameled steel

Familiar to us from childhood type of coating, relatively cheap and wear-resistant. Cons: convex burners are inconvenient to clean, enamel can chip over time, and it does not tolerate aggressive household chemicals very well.

How to choose electric stove

Glass ceramics

Burners on such a panel are flat, which facilitates the care of the surface: it is enough to wipe the plate with a sponge with a special tool to clean it from any contaminants. Of the cons: a higher price, the need to select cleaning products for glass ceramics. Note: this coating “does not like sweets.” If syrup or jam escaped from the pan gets on the stove, wipe the surface as soon as possible, otherwise traces will remain. But the allegedly increased fragility of glass ceramics is rather a myth: you need to try very hard to make a chip appear on such a plate.

Stainless steel

Reliable and practical option “for centuries”. However, the metal does not tolerate cleaning with hard brushes and metal sponges – they can scratch the surface. Plus – no matter how thoroughly you wash stainless steel, it will still remain divorces, so it is more difficult to care for it than, for example, glass ceramics.

Step 3. Choose the type of burners


The plate with such burners works according to the classical scheme: the current heats the metal elements of the burner, and it transfers heat to the dishes. In conventional plates, as a rule, standard heating burners are used, they are slowly heated and slowly cool. In glass-ceramic plates there are similar burners, but they heat up much faster.

Proper care of the electric stove

On the left – heater electric burners, on the right – also electric, but under the glass-ceramic surface. In the pictures there are two models of Reex plates, which can be found in our Photo catalog.


In such plates, the dishes are heated by the use of magnetic waves, so it is important that it is properly selected. The diameter of the dishes is also important: the area of the bottom of the pan or pan should occupy at least 30-40% of the diameter of the burner itself, not less. Induction cookers are convenient because during cooking only those parts of them that come into contact with the dishes are heated, the rest of the surface remains cold.

If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan or pan, it can be used on the induction stove.

Important: a good induction stove will always cost more than a similar glass-ceramic with electric burners.

Also pay attention to plates with two- or three-circuit burners – both induction and electric. They allow you to choose the heating area depending on the diameter of the dishes, that is, on such a burner you can use a small ladle for cooking eggs, and a large frying pan. There are plates with oval burners – for example, under the duckling.

Cleaning an Electric Stove Top

Step 4. Look in the oven

What to look for when studying the oven in the model of stove you like?

Oven volume

Up to 40 liters – suitable for a small family of 1-2 people. As a rule, such ovens are equipped with small plates for 2 burners.

50-60 liters – suitable for an ordinary family of several people.

60-17 liters – in such ovens 4 levels of cooking, which is convenient for those who cook in large volumes.


Plates with convection are more expensive, but if you are a fan of baking or a master of baking meat in the oven, this function will definitely be useful. Convection allows the air in the oven to warm up as evenly as possible – this is responsible for a powerful fan in the back of the stove.

Door thickness

As a rule, double or triple glass is used in the doors of ovens today. Triple glass – and less risk that someone will burn by leaning against the door. Also note: in many models of plates, the panel and glass doors are easily removed to make them easier to wash.

how to clean an electric stove top

Cleaning method

Traditional. You wash the oven yourself after use. No magic.

Steam cleaning. Choose the right program, and hot steam softens all the dirt inside the oven, after which you remove them with a sponge. Often you can find advice – they say, instead you can just put a baking sheet with water in the oven and turn it on for half an hour at a temperature of 50-70 degrees. However, if the instructions for a particular stove do not say that steam cleaning is suitable for it, do not do so – you can spoil it!

Catalytic. Such ovens are covered from the inside with panels with a special composition – a catalyst that, under the influence of high temperature, does not allow dirt and fat to settle on the walls. It is enough for you to periodically wipe the walls and the oven door. However, the service life of such a coating is 5 years, then either you will have to change these panels, or wash the oven the old fashioned way.

Pyrolytic. An empty oven is heated to 500 degrees, and any contamination turns into ash, which then just needs to be removed. It is found in the most expensive models. Important: in the apartment or house there should be a powerful hood, but even it will not save from an unpleasant smell during the procedure.

Step 5. Pay attention to the little things

Control type

It can be classic – with rotary switches – button and touch. Choose what is more convenient for you, but remember: sensors can not always work if you have wet hands, and the rotary switches can be easily removed and cleaned, so it is not so important whether they are drowned or not.

Cleaning the stove electric stove

Residual heat indicator

Well, if it is: so you will know that the burner is still hot. This will protect against burns, and will also allow you to leave the dish on the stove so that it “reaches”. However, such indicators are only on glass-ceramic plates.

Dish drawer at the bottom of the stove

There are in almost all models of plates.

Door lock

Protection from children

Both of these features will be useful if there are small children at home.

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