How keep the flowers in the vase for a longer time

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We give you a few simple tricks to make the flowers in the vase for much longer.

Tips to keep the flowers in the vase

The flowers that you put in a jar will last you longer if not too full vase.

It is also convenient that you boot those leaves that will be submerged in the water of the pitcher, especially in Roses. Chrysanthemums are the exception, whose leaves contain a food reserve for its flowers, and therefore should be kept.


Cut 2 cm. base every 3 days and take advantage to change the water. In addition, it incorporates an aspirin or 3 drops of chlorine bleach per litre of water. This will exert an antibacterial action.

How to keep the flowers in the vase? What really works

Most women adore flowers. And now, finally, comes the same holiday, when we all get a bouquet of flowers (and if we do not get, we will buy it ourselves, it is necessary to raise the mood).It’s a pity if he withers the next day. In order with as long as possible, we tell you how to prolong the life of the bouquet.

What to do with the bouquet on the first day

Trim the stems

Do not be lazy and cut off the stems. The easiest way to do this is a secateur, but if it is not at hand, you can use a good scissor or a sharp knife. The main thing is to cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Thus, the area of the cut surface will be larger, and it will be easier for the flowers to “drink” water. After that, do not forget to cut the stems every few days.

How keep the flowers in the vase for a longer time

Remove the leaves

Remove all the leaves that will be immersed in the vase. First, they take away water from buds, prevent flowers from blooming, contribute to the fact that the flowers wither faster, and secondly, just rot in the water, dirty the vase and are a source of bacteria, because of which on the walls of the vase then formed plaque.

Pour water

Of course, flowers without water will not last long. But it is important to pour water the correct temperature. Roses, for example, love cold, and stand well if you add pieces of ice to the water. And other flowers like cool temperature, by no means warm. Every two to three days, the water needs to be changed, and it is advisable to wash the vase well. So vases with a narrow neck do not use (they are generally designed for some decorative purposes, just not for flowers, because it is impossible to wash them, to place a decent bouquet also will not work.

Cut flowers do not tolerate sunlight, heat and humidity. They are shown a cool room and a shadow. So do not put them on the window, next to batteries or air vents, and also next to the fruit (look beautiful, but the flowers will wither faster). If next to the vase is a bowl of fruit (especially bananas), the flowers will wither faster, because the fruit emits ethylene gas.

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