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Parquet and wooden flooring Flooring is one of the complementary elements of home decor .. And not less than walls or furniture in giving aesthetic facilitators corners of the room . There are many solutions have it facing prefer to use rugs with attractive colors to cover the entire space.

Parquet and wooden flooring In the category Home repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to Parquet and wooden flooring.

Parquet and wooden flooring

Flooring is one of the complementary elements of home decor .. And not less than walls or furniture in giving aesthetic facilitators corners of the room .

There are many solutions have it facing prefer to use rugs with attractive colors to cover the entire space .. And there are others tend to use porcelain, marble or with the use of small pieces of carpet .. The third and final solution or wood parquet , and resorted to many of the people as reflected in the warmth and elegance, but it may be many problems to lack of knowledge to take care of it or deal with it.

How to care for wood floors

1 - prevention ( to prevent damaging them )

Dust and sand -grained wood flooring enemies , which act as sandpaper that removes polyps than on any surface and spoke scratches so small rugs should be placed at the entrances of closets.

Water and fluid accumulation leads to wood interspersed with layers and internal erosion of wood and be insects , must be dry ground quickly when you spill any liquids on them .

- Concentrated detergents should stay away from them because they are detrimental to the upper layer that protects the surface of the wood .

- Furniture and dragged on the ground can cause scratches wood should therefore carry when you move it from one place to another .

- The sun and the direct rays of the color change flooring, curtains here will be the ideal solution to prevent the entry of UV rays of the sun in the center .

2 - daily care :

- Sweeping the broom floors daily soft blunt .

- Use cotton swabs for cleaning.

* Why do you look old floor of your room with it ‘s newly renovated ? !

Is wood were installed a long time ago .. A few years .. Months .. Or even weeks , but in all cases , it seems like the Old , and the reason very simply due to not take good care of them .. So what ‘s the solution ? First of anything should make sure the condition of the wood on which finishes carried out by specialists to see whether you’ll need to use them or would only abilities Only you ! .

* What is the status of your land wood ?

- Finishing:.
Does exposure Finishing damaged or is it just dust covering its surface, and to test so you have to choose the place where you walk attic foot heavily and then pour it tablespoon or two of water if you drink wood water quickly and leave the dark spot , it means that finishing was damaged and therefore will wood damaged .. If it took a few minutes and wood affected to a lesser extent , it means partial damage to the finishing .. If the water stabilized on the surface as evidence of positive results.

And you have to repeat the same steps experience elsewhere in the home are not much use .

- Wood case :

He stopped his case Finishing ( surface layer ) and the findings in the previous test the water if the result is negative for the finishing will be as well as for wood and vice versa .. To reach the decision to replace or paint with a protective layer before cleaning.

* What type of maintenance required by your floor ?

Maintenance means one .. But when it comes to the extent of damage and be Roads spots vary .. To know the type of finishes that are followed to perform the following tests :

1 - surface layer :

And be majority -treated ” polycarbonate Polyurethane ” it looks like a layer of clear plastic on the surface of the wood Preventive It serves as a barrier for him, because if they removed a small layer of paint will show the fragility of wood unless processor against water Polyurethane material .

2 - sealant layer ( acrylic - oil - wax ):

Feel this class when you pass your hands on the surface , which have a texture lover does not affect them at all paint remover . These materials contain sealants to dye or befallen material ( which is a metallic mixture of copper, lead, nickel ) and the advantages of layers of wax and ammonia it gives a smooth surface and Luna opening while oils and waxes find Tate wood to give it more protection.

3 - More care:

Does your floor need more attention … If the answer is yes , follow these steps:

1 - Use wet mop with water after its age well and add detergent (PH) if the wood processor good insulating materials .

2 - vinegar Cleaner effectively removes stains , oils, grease and does not harm the wood.

3 - Maintenance layer of varnish or wax required in some cases to give more subsidized , and there are advantages and disadvantages to re- put it on the floor :

- Advantages : It can be removed and re - positioned again, easy to clean .

- Cons: If you do not remove remaining effects of corrective manner and thus makes the old finishing lacks the workmanship and the beauty of the scene .

- Remove spots , Tate kinds of stains and how to deal with it:

A - water stains : Cleans where it spilled water roll steel (wire) and then re- put wax on it , but if the spot is highly sanding then rub - wire or cleaner for floors and re - development of wax and paint the outside .

B - cigarette burns : If you were not very used wire cleaning with water and soap.

C - signs of footwear : a good scrub with a wire and detergent for cleaning floors and then dried and re- painted floor .

D - ink stains : wire and cleaned floors cleaner , but a spot in heavy use sandpaper , wire and with the re - development of cleaner wax and paint. However stubborn stains to be replaced by the affected part .

E - Dairy (gum) : are frozen until it becomes brittle and cracks and then placed around it for easy cleaner removed from the floor.

And - alcohol : Woe to place the spot with liquid or paste wax .

* Warning : When you start cleaning any stains is done from the outside to the center in order to prevent their spread to a larger area .

* Cracks which occur as a result of climate change in the classroom :

Laminate flooring is prone to expansion and contraction in the summer and winter like anything else loses moisture or absorbed them the … This swing between contraction and expansion also expose it to damage . To remedy such a problem will not differ much difference from the rest of the solutions that we have provided , using liquid wax and powder soapy powder (Talcum) or carbon black at places cracks or put toothpaste -like in color, wood color , and if it fails in all that you consult a specialist and pay cash.
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