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What is the foundation moisture
It is one that climbs the walls , from the floor up , but can also occur on the floors . It is, in construction, one of the traditional problems of the houses. Started spotting wallpaper, paints peeling or blistering , in a second step , start to release the plaster.
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What is the foundation moisture

It is one that climbs the walls , from the floor up , but can also occur on the floors . It is, in construction, one of the traditional problems of the houses. Started spotting wallpaper, paints peeling or blistering , in a second step , start to release the plaster . All this is accompanied by the smell of damp and cold that comes from the floor and the bottom of the walls . The foundation moisture is normal when its height between 10 and 70 cm above the floor , although several factors may reach 3 meters in height.

However, the main problem it causes, is the deterioration of the health of those who live in the house , mostly children, because the humidity is much stronger up to a meter in height. Of course also covers damage furniture, carpets, clothes and everything that is in our house.

Moisture moves from the bottom of the foundation walls reaching upwards first the subfloor. If it does not have the necessary insulation , then passes the floors and then to the walls still . Therefore, moisture can be present in foundation floors and / or walls. When treatment can solve both humidities.
The insulating layer error is committed is very simple: it was not replaced the roadbed of the first spun concrete other hydrophobic , or was made at the wrong height . May also be the case in particular wrong dosages , roughly corresponding cement as less cement is used if the insulation is not formed , and further cement the insulating layer becomes very brittle. Appearing moisture foundation , however , does not at all walls . Only appears where it is easier , generally south-facing walls or east , or less ventilated with furniture or closets , or outside walls against cold areas or bathrooms. Therefore, it is advisable to treat complete rooms , unless it is known that the walls were conducted at different stages of construction.

Other types of moisture

Sewers of hot or cold water under pressure. After impregnating the wall get the water out - one drop after another would represent approximately 40 liters of water per day - . This appears in the place of breakage only, are circular type and can not grow more than two feet to the side .

Rain , irrigation, or columns storm . The spots appear after rain or irrigation . After two or three days , the wind and the sun should dry. If there remain moisture foundation.

Primary and secondary drains , sewer or storm water horizontally. The losses to the floor , resulting in generally vertically . If up the walls , foundations for moisture . If you are sewage also have a persistent and unpleasant odor .

Everything else is moisture foundation.
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