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Effectively reseal a crack on a wall plaster
Effectively reseal a crack on a wall plaster It is possible to refurbish a plaster wall where a crack appeared in addressing the problem locally. However, it is not just simply reseal the crack in his way. Not only the crack must be quick to welcome the spackle but in addition, it must be applied.
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Effectively reseal a crack on a wall plaster

It is possible to refurbish a plaster wall where a crack appeared in addressing the problem locally. However, it is not just simply reseal the crack in his way. Not only the crack must be quick to welcome the spackle but in addition, it must be applied with a certain technique to make sure the repair is effective, the crack will not reappear and that the surface is actually given repaired.

A crack recapped has two major issues on a plaster wall : the first is aesthetic ensuring that the treated surface is perfectly uniform and the spackle is properly plugged the gap, the second challenge is to have a crack that recapped can support a new wall covering without damaging it.

Prepare the surface patching

The patching a crack in the plaster work that is likely to be quite messy. Before you begin, have tarps to protect and your soil and surrounding furniture if you do not want to move completely . Then , it is necessary to clean the crack patching for this, the walls of the crack must be smoothed . In the case of a slight crack , even expand the crack , scratch it from either side while tilting movement in order to form a “V” (profile of the crack ) can help you to a triangular scraper. In the case of a deep crack , scratch to form a crack shaped dovetail with a screwdriver square toe : it is scratch to create inclinations “A” the entry of the crack is less wide than the bottom. Once the crack dusted , have a paint print on it with a round brush tip to reach every corner of the wall and let stand 24 hours before moving to the filler itself. The spackle fits more easily on this painting hanging rather than directly on the plaster. Your crack will be assured of being treated properly for a long time.

Stages of patching

For filling a crack , you will bring a spackle , available in ” ready ” to avoid having to prepare yourself the mixture. Also prepare as materials : a palette knife , a metal scraper, sandpaper end , and a strip of calico . Initially fill the crack with spackle perpendicular to the crack. If the crack extends over the height of the wall, for example , apply the coating in the slot in a horizontal motion . Alternate the movement that the coating can mix well with junctions and completing a first crack area from left to right and , just below , a second zone of crack from right to left and so on. Instead, if your crack spreads in the horizontal wall , the movement of patching will vertically from top to bottom, then bottom to top . With a squeegee , coating completely flatten the wall by removing the coating too overflowing with crack. A rest for dry coating is then required and can vary from 1 hour to about 12 hours in office to do depending on the volume of coating and the size of the crack. Sometimes the coating shrinks as it dries and therefore is not completely flat against the wall, in this case , it will put a new layer of plaster and wait for a new pause . Take the sandpaper ” grained ” and polish the area recapped . You can paste a strip of calico on the crack if it is important to protect it until a layer of paint or wall covering.

Wall covering after patching

The siding can be a problem when the wall has a crack . There is a risk that the coating tears at the site of the crack because the action of the adhesive coating or choking, the crack may sag or soften. To prevent this , wet the primer paper and place the paper over the crack so that it serves as an interface with the wall coating : the coating is therefore not stick on the spackle but on paper primer . If the crack is wide and it is on the edge of the wall and, in particular , in contact with a pole frame , that is to say , a door frame or window built , the installation of an interface involves two steps: a first strip of paper primer of about 15cm , wet, is applied to the crack , and a second paper web wider primer ( 25cm ) is coated on the first web above . This last band to receive the contact surface.
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