How to hide the heating pipes in apartment

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How to hide the heating pipes in apartment, Often heat pipes, especially if the old spoils the look of the room. In particular this applies to the room after the reform of the European quality. So the question arises, how do they hide? So far, several ways to hide were used for heating pipes, which are also very different from each other. So anyone can find suitable in terms of financial resources, and design a way for themselves.

Ways to hide the heating pipes in apartment

Before hiding the radiator you need to answer some questions. For example, what size are they, that the room temperature during the heating season, because if low, it is necessary to use materials that will conduct heat well, and how much you are willing to spend on their camouflage. Based on this, you can choose to hide the building drywall, false wall to hide or heating pipes in the wall.

Use drywall

Design of gypsum and possibly more. It not only helps hide connections, but also provide trouble-free access when needed. If the sign in the presence of section of drywall in the future, during the process of repair you can do that without dismantling. How to build a drywall box?

Before taking the heating pipes in drywall, should look for flaws. When available, you must remove the deficiencies immediately. Beside specific connections you need to make a waterproof shell, for example with foam polyethylene. Only then can begin to build a box. Best paper drywall attached to the metal beams, as well as links to use screws step between which are usually about 30 inches.

If for any reason the feet of drywall could not use, an excellent solution to hide connections can become false walls, building makes it possible with conventional wall panels that are put inside a soundproof. The only disadvantage of this method is that the false wall takes a lot of space, and is not suitable for small space. So they use the space in such a false wall can make the shelves and the ports that you want to put an interesting interior details or book.

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Hiding in the wall

You can hide the heating pipes and radical way. During the repair could drown in the wall. But it should be noted that this option requires serious and difficult work. To hide the heating pipes in a wall size deepens. Usually used for the exercises, but in this case you can use a chisel and a hammer is simple. Before hide hiding in particular insulation, reducing heat loss to a minimum. After working to deepen the alabaster close up, and align the wall. how to hide central heating pipes,hiding heating pipes,how to conceal central heating pipes,heating pipes covers,heating pipes crossword clue,heating pipes in skirting boards.

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