heating system in a wooden house

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The heating system in a wooden house-Great place to stay is considered a country house, which does not require heating in the warm season. If the same thing happens operation room constantly, as a full-fledged housing requires heating. The best option is to solve this problem during the construction of the house, but can be done later. Thus it is necessary to determine the type of energy used, the necessary technical wiring, boiler choice of appropriate power, given the commensurate heated area.

Selecting a source of thermal energy is weighty importance, as it depends on the cost of fuel consumption. Next, take into account the area of heated space, number of windows and the power available to the ventilation system, taking into account these data, calculates the number of sources of heat. When using the oven as a heating system for fuel most commonly used coal, wood, or peat.

If the choice was water heating system, you should not collect it yourself, in connection with the intricacies of the calculation and the complexity of construction. Should not be left running unattended heating system that will avoid uncontrolled technical problems. Most effectively heats the room air-heating system, but to carry out installation design is only possible during construction.

More practical wall and floor heating boilers, used as an energy source, natural gas. Nowadays, liquid fuels are used very rarely. For a wooden mansion best option is to obtain heating heat from the heating elements by electricity. The advantage of this type is the ease of assembly of the heating system, the ability to better control over heating temperature, being both environmentally friendly way. But for the full heating required floor space, there must be the power of the energy consumed.

heating system in a wooden house

In the implementation of the plans of the heating works, it should be remembered, and documenting technical registration equipment in the respective organization. For the installation work is recommended to use the qualified help assemblers heating systems. During operation of the boilers should be remembered, and the right exhaust system for utilization of the decay products of the fuel. Proper compliance with the relevant safety during heating wooden mansion, avoiding emergency fire residential property.

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