Glass doors sliding radius swing interior

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Glass doors : sliding , radius , swing , interior

Glass products are popular in the design of houses, apartments, cottages. They are often used in design shops, shopping malls and restaurants. Glass doors – it’s a great solution if you want to give your home an aesthetic beauty, comfort and functionality. They fit perfectly in any space and fill it with light and light transparency.

Our firm represents the doors of various types of glass :

Swing doors are best used in highly frequented areas. These doors are installed without a door frame , allowing the flaps to swing open in opposite directions. Glass swing doors are attached to the floor and ceiling.

Glass doors radius is a solution to design custom design premises without right angles, with rounded contours . Radius doors – doors is an unusual shape , with smooth lines .

Interior glass doors give housing personality and lightness. Such arrangements are well allowing the natural and electric light , which creates an unusual comfort of your home.

Sliding glass doors are good for small and compact spaces. Due to the fact that the device is based on the sliding door is slid into the side wings , they take up very little space. Also, the sliding doors are quite simple to use and maintain.

Glass doors on order

Glass doors – the universal and high-quality product , a combination of beauty , sophistication and elegance. Design opportunities , their originality will not disappoint the most capricious consumer. The aesthetic beauty and individuality of this miracle glass quickly won the hearts of the people , he has a lot of fans. Lineup of these doors is wide and varied. Tinted , translucent , matte options allow you to pick the door to the premises of any type.

“Dial Glass” produces different kinds of glass doors:

– sliding
– Radius ,
– pendulum
– Interior .

Glass doors sliding radius swing interior

Glass interior doors create a sense of comfort and convenience , both in the private premises of the house or apartment, and in the office premises They add originality , uniqueness, and the office will add transparency , a positive impact on the working environment.

Sliding glass doors open spaces in the room , making it more spacious . It would be appropriate to look in a small space . This is a convenient and practical door that is original and unusual appearance .

Non-standard rooms with rounded outlines radius decorate glass doors , swing doors made ​​of glass – the solution for frequently visited areas.

Glass doors are made to order in company have good quality and performance , have a decent look . High-quality glass doors to order – are the doors of “Dial Glass. ” You can order a door that will fit your desire, to suit your style and will be a unique decoration of your interior.

Glass doors – solid and stylish.

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