frameless sliding glass partitions

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Sliding glass partitions

Glass partitions – a rational , modern and aesthetically winning solution for differentiation or changes of space in the room. Sliding glass partitions are used in flats and offices. They have been successfully used in cases requiring a physical barrier , with walls perfectly fit into the interior of the room , creating the illusion of a holistic space.

Often these designs are used for the effective organization of the work area from outlets clearance home or office interior.

Tempered glass, which consist of frameless glass partitions , safe and durable , and its width varies from 8 to 12 millimeters. The glass is not damaged from shock and temperature changes, and even if it is intentionally broken, shards of tempered glass does not hurt anybody , because of sharp edges were formed.

Such devices can be elegantly decorate : Apply to glass patterns and matt stripes . By design, they are divided into : straight, jagged , curved , and can also have a curved shape. They can be supplemented frameless glass doors , which is very convenient.

Joining partitions can occur at any angle that betrays her futuristic and attractive form. For tightness and sound insulation space between the gaps filled polymer compositions . For the walls, ceiling and floor structures are fixed clamping profiles and point fixings , giving the impression of a whole glass wall. Fasteners and components have a high load capacity , and they are made of steel and aluminum materials having a high strength .

frameless sliding glass partitions

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