How to fix clogged toilet

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How to fix clogged toilet

Each house may be exposed to clogged toilet faithful, and actually it’s a big problem, clogged toilet may occur without warning, in this case you have to do the work of reform, and in this article we will know how to repair a clogged toilet, and how you do this repair yourself.

This problem is clogging the toilet is quite common . To correct the situation yourself can be difficult . However, if you know how to construct the sewage system , and how can effectively help in the clean the pipes, then we can save money and quickly restore normal operation mandatory in every modern home sewer system .

So if I have a blockage in the toilet – what do you learn from this article.

Quick help with clogged toilet – hot water and soda

Two easy ways proven to be effective in cleansing the pipes from clogging simple :

Before you remove obstruction in the toilet bowl to be heated bucket of water to a boil and pour the water into the bowl , creating a strong pressure – bucket must be raised so that the water is poured into the bowl at the right angle and quickly. To perform such simple actions can effectively cope with simple blockage. In that case, if the water after the cleaning process has been gradually so care should again be poured into a bucket of hot water bowl . If the blockage was small , such a way to quickly and effectively help to cope with the problem.

Installing a toilet youtube installing a toilet

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Good help for flushing sewer regular soda , familiar each hostess. If a blockage occurs in the toilet bowl dissolve ½ portion packs of soda, then formed with the active alkali can quickly rectify the situation. As a rule, provides fast relief soda , if the blockage was uncomplicated.

Household chemicals are clogged with

All educated people today understand that an effective means of clogging the toilet to be found on the shelves of household chemicals. Special funds in the form of liquids , powders , granules and sprays can quickly deal with a vexing problem . In addition , the chemical industry produces a variety of means and for preventing the occurrence of blockages use allows to control the condition of pipes and to ensure their long- term normal use.

Tools for solving problems clogging the toilet mechanically

Plunger and its analogies

When boiling water , soda and chemicals have no noticeable effect on the blockage , then before unclogging the toilet clogged by professionals plumbers , you can try to use a plunger 10 cm diameter rubber cup. To be effective with the plunger excess water from the toilet bowl should be removed so that the water covered only the rubber part of the tool.

If there is no air valve and the blockage yet arisen, in this case , you can use home-made instruments, which , in spite of the primitive species are often very effective means of solving the problem:

Core cable

Special flexible wire that is a rigid hollow shaft equipped with a rotating handle – is a professional tool that can find every plumbing . At the end of such a tool is attached peaked cap or a spiral process of thick wire – such equipment can destroy the blockage.

How to break through the blockage with it :

Coiled end dipped into the bowl until it stops and clockwise rotate the handle – thanks to the actions of the cable is pushed into the water seal .

The cable could run into an obstacle. Dining thus can be different:

If it abuts the opposite side of the diaphragm cup (for partial immersion in water cable ), then before remove the blockage , the pushing movement continues until the wire does not slip on the inner side of the bowl portion .

If the path rope vertical wall riser occurs – in this case the cable is required , the length of which must be greater than 1.5 m

If the toilet has a direct output , the cable is pushed along a horizontal drainage pipe to the inside surface of the riser – the difficulty in moving the cable at the same time can occur if the cable end came across a blockage. How to remove the blockage in this case? Movements back and forth should push him into the riser .

Blockages in the sewer pipes in the beginning of operation , usually does not occur.

To decide how to clean the toilet from clogging , you need a good understanding of its structure and have simple tools to help yourself to rinse pipes. However, if you restore patency of the home was not possible , you have to seek professional help .

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