Fiberglass wallpaper in the Interior of the apartment

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If you love constant purity in his room, exclusive interior design and practicality, then fiberglass wallpaper is for you. Fiberglass wallpaper-is not only a unique wall covering that allows you to change the overall appearance of the walls of your apartment, but also an environmentally friendly product, since they are made of ecologically pure natural material, and is not harmful to human health. Given the fact that modern market full of various goodies-hard to know about everything. In our article “fiberglass wallpaper in the Interior of the apartment, you can find out-what made fiberglass wallpaper, benefits and how to apply them.

Fiberglass wallpaper represent a special material made of fiberglass. Fiberglass wallpaper is an ecologically clean product, as the basis of fiberglass is ordinary sand, without harmful chemical additives. Plus, fiberglass wallpaper and does not emit harmful vapors when heated. This is a great advantage in terms of fire safety.

And so, on to the questions look like fiberglass wallpaper, and how they can be found on the shelves of the store building materials. Despite its “solid and strong” name, fiberglass wallpaper-soft material, sold in rolls, as the usual paper wall. The structure of the fiberglass wallpaper like a tissue, they can be embossed and smooth, different colors and discolored. Despite the fact that they are thin is a durable material that can withstand moisture and minor damage. That is, fiberglass wallpaper you can wash, repaints. Unlike wallpaper, they don’t break and they are not scratches in minor injuries.

Fiberglass wallpaper come in different types, which differ in their structure and color. The name itself-fiberglass wallpaper, derived from the source material, i.e., glass. More precisely, with the fibres, which it created under the influence of high temperatures. At the beginning it was said that fiberglass wallpaper-an environmentally friendly product, as in them based on the sand. Don’t be frightened of those differences, the glass is also made of sand.

With superhard received threads, a special method is material-fiberglass wallpaper. From the thickness of the thread and the quality depends on the specific type of wallpaper.

Advantages very much. Firstly, they can be glued to any surface, regardless of-a concrete or brick wall. Secondly, the fiberglass wallpaper will help align the small distortions, uneven walls, small cracks. Before glue fiberglass wallpaper, walls don’t require special handling. Fiberglass wallpaper, helping save time and purity in a room.

Fiberglass wallpaper is durable wall material, and, unlike wallpaper, hard to mess up for a long time. For example, in areas where the walls are covered with conventional wallpaper, visible strips of paint backs of chairs or on the ground, bystanders at a constant Fiberglass wallpaper, from a similar fate reserved, stiff fibers allow for long maintain the integrity of the wallpaper and their appearance.

Fiberglass wallpaper-this is the ability to constantly change the color of the walls. Colouring of such wallpapers can produce up to 20 times (depending on the type). There are fiberglass wallpaper Chameleon that change their color depending on the direction of light.

In case of damage – for example, your pet is plucked, the problem area is easily replaced with new , depending on the type of damage. To date, the fiberglass wallpaper is relatively not expensive material. There are several companies with their production. So the buyer can choose not only the kind of choice, but also a certain manufacturer.

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