error codes LG washing machines

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error codes KAISER washing machines

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The error codes LG washing machines 

Video repair LG washing machines

Replacement parts in LG washing machines

Repair of LG washing machines  with their hands

PE – An error was detected in the water level sensor
FE – The system reports an overflow water tank working
dE – Lock the door : see if it is sealed hatch
IE – Problems with a set of water (CM can not get water in the tank )
OE – Problems with drain ( check the condition of the hose and filter )
UE – Faulty drum ( unbalance )
tE – Violated temperature regime
LE – Spotted an Error locking mechanism
CE – The system notifies the drive motor overload
E3 – The system can not determine the load
AE – Auto Power failure in the system CM
E1 – found to be leaking water in the sump
HE – Breakdowns heating PETN
SE – An error was detected switch drive motor ( Hall sensor )

LG WM2455HW washing machine problem

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