error codes KAISER washing machines

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The error codes KAISER washing machines 

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E 01 – The system has not received a signal to close the hatch with locking limit switch lock – wash at that will be stopped.

£ 02 – This code appears if the filling of the working tank exceeded 2 min. While SM keeps washing program , but blocks mode filling over the nominal level (error is issued after the washing operation ) .
£ 03 – Draining took over 1.5 minutes. While washing continues, CM automatically reduces spin speed to 400 rev / min and an error code at the end of the program.

E 04 – Problems with the bulk water : when problems are detected (level sensor detects ” overflow tank “), the system stops washing, an error code and starts the drain pump. If the pressure switch sends a signal “Empty tank “, the drain pump is automatically turned off , otherwise the pump will continue to operate.

E 05 – Problems with the bulk water : the error is displayed in the case after 10 minutes after tank filling desktop system does not receive the sensor signal ” Nominal “. Wash stops.

E 06 – Problems with water drainage : the error is displayed in the event that after 10 minutes of operation, the drain pump is not receiving the sensor signal ” empty tank “. Wash stops.

E 07 – The system is leaking water into the pan CM ( mechanism works Aqva Stop). Washing stops and the drain pump is activated , which runs until the signal ” empty tank “.

E 08 – CM warns that the mains supply are not correct ( the manufacturer recommends voltage 190-253 V with a frequency of 50-60 Hz)

E 11 – Fault in the hatch lock , laundry interrupted

£ 21 – Was a drive system drive ( the absence of signals from the tacho ) . laundry interrupted

E-22 – The system records unauthorized rotation of the drive motor (no start command ) . wash stops

£ 31 – Occurrence of a fault temperature sensor ( short circuit ) . Error displayed after the completion of the wash program

£ 32 – Occurrence of a fault temperature sensor ( open circuit) . Error displayed after the completion of the wash program

£ 42 – Problem – after the hatch is blocked by washing more than two minutes

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