error codes Atlant washing machines

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The error codes Atlant washing machines

door – It’s simple : the problem with the door – you can close it tightly enough , so the car does not want to erase . But this inscription could be evidence of failure of the locking electric lock , and in the most severe cases – the problems with the electronic module .

F2 – issued by a code , the machine reports that there are problems with temperature sensor (the ” harmless ” option ) , with a heating Taine or control module.

F4 – Washing machine does not drain . You should make sure to properly connect the drain hose , check – Do not clogged drain pump , as well as state of the pump: impeller should rotate completely freely.

F5 – This inscription can be highlighted while the fence and drain the water . In this case, check the condition of the drain hose (similar to the situation described above) and to ensure an adequate water supply . Means sufficient pressure – the reason may lie in the filter feed ( make sure it is not clogged ) .

F6, F9, F12 – Fix breakage can only master : it is about the problems of the motor or electronic control
F8 – In tank SM – increased water level . Should pay attention to the level sensor and solenoid valve condition .

SEL – is short for ” selector “, ie interface module to your CM . The appearance of this line means that there are problems with the switch software ( CMS also may signal this by using the flashing indicators , as it usually happens at the end of the wash ) .

F13 and F14 – Report problems with the electronic module

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