Electric cooktops or gas or induction hotplates

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The glass-ceramic cooktop, gas and induction plates are cooking methods that have advantages and disadvantages when install it in our homes. The idea of this post is to analyze each one of these systems so that we can make the right choice when we are thinking about changing the kitchen of our homes.


Choose the decoration, elements, including a new home appliances isn’t at all an easy task. We’ll note that as we go forward in the task will appear and questions linked to objects or elements that we must not put in our new home.

One of the most difficult areas is the kitchen. New technologies have made us available lots and super modern appliances and other elements, that the choice of the refrigerator, microwave, kitchen, etc. becomes increasingly difficult. In the particular case of the latter, the current trends have led us to having to choose between three options: glass-ceramics, gas and induction plates.

We will then discuss each one of them, advantages and disadvantages, so at least in this aspect the decision easier for you a little.


Old and known gas is the most chosen by those who prefer traditional cuisine. Perhaps one disadvantage is difficult to clean, although there are some models that incorporate plates of tempered glass (like the electric hoist) that work with gas, which makes cleaning them much easier.

In the past, one of the biggest dangers was handling cylinders that were bringing home. However, today this is already very controlled, and processes are much safer.

Electric cooktops

This type of cooker has several advantages, and some few disadvantages. By the side of its advantages, glass-ceramics are really very comfortable and easy to clean. Some of them, the more conventional, have mechanical controls, while the newer incorporate sensory controls that allow you to manage the power of each of the fires with the simple touch of a finger. Those latest incorporate, even, a scheduling system of cooking, along with indicators of heat and other types of smart controls.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that these systems consume light, so spending can be higher. Worth noting, however, that the heat stays for quite some time, so in some cases we could finish cooking with the fire off. Another point against is that highlight some chefs, who say that as it takes enough to warm up, some flavors are lost and it is harder to get a perfect dish.

Induction hot plates

No doubt the induction plates are the ultimate in cooking methods. These plates cooking with the temperature that is generated by a magnetic field that is created under glass. The secret of this type of cooking is that the heat passes directly to the base of the vessels but does not heat the glass. This feature completely avoids any risk of burning, something that is much more feasible, since in some cases it stays hot while we can observe it with the Hob.

Another benefit is its cleanliness, as the plate is never heated, we should not wait for it to cool to be able to clean it. They are also faster to generate heat and the top is very easy to install.

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