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dressing room – Lack of space in the closet for storage of personal belongings – this is quite a common phenomenon , which occurs every second woman . After storage for shoes , handbags, coats and dresses need a separate shelf . Probably each of us dreams of big personal wardrobe , where spacious placed things. Of course, dressing room – it’s not only convenient, practical, but also very cool. However, not every home has a small room that can be allocated under the dressing . Especially in cases where each square meter of gold. Typically , a dressing is placed in large homes, cottages on the top floor : the angular location that unobtrusive for guests.


we can recall a small storage room , which was basically in every apartment . Its purpose was different : some kept in the pantry conservation, essential things , and some shoes , coats . Of course, compare the old pantry , made ​​with scrap materials and modern dressing silly. Correct to say it’s just not mapped things. After dressing allows you to store things in a beautiful order of the entire family , from shoes and finishing with a suitcase for travel . More details about how to set up a dressing room in a house or an apartment , in the following article .

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At the same time, the presence in the home dressing room is not preclude the installation of the cabinet. In such cases, the cabinet is of small size . This can be a chest of drawers for storing things that should always be at hand. For example: in the bedroom – a small closet for underwear . In the living room – a display for storing beautiful dishes, glasses , books, souvenirs , and in the hallway – a small cabinet or rack for daily outerwear. The children’s room is also appropriate to place the tiny locker for toys. But the dressing is attributed bedding, ironing board , sled , bike, spare blankets , pillows, evening dresses, suits, shirts , outerwear – in other words , those things that we use every day. But for creative people , dressing is a special room where you can realize the most courageous , creative impulses . Finally add that dressing room – it’s not a small dark room, where you can not turn around , damp and uncomfortable. Dressing should be spacious and light , with good lighting . In this room should be dry, cozy and comfortable. Thus , it is necessary to take care of a good wiring and sockets .

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