Do it yourself Spray Foam Insulation Kit Review

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The undeniable advantage of the insulation of a roof with polyurethane foam is that spraying one layer this material enough to ensure complete sealing of the roof. To date this material one has the properties of steam, moisture and heat insulation, allowing you to significantly reduce the cost of conducting the work and effort required compared to other types of insulation.

Insulation roof using the technology of spraying polyurethane foam has a number of advantages:

no need for the dismantling of the old roof polyurethane foam possesses one of the smallest coefficient of thermal conductivity, allowing to reduce the thickness of insulation,does not require any special preparation of the roof surface,polyurethane foam has a high rate of adhesion to most building materials, easily wraps around the surface of any shapes and bends,fills cracks and defects and forms a smooth solid cover without seams and joints. high speed of work up to 300 m2 per day.

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