How to determine the height of the TV setup

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What is the range of height to install the TV ? For proper selection of the height of its installation. The risk associated with the wrong choice of height to install the TV .

Installation height of the TV is selected individually according to the wishes of its owner. Most often, however , the first time faced with a similar question , many TV hang high enough. If you intend to hang the TV on the wall for easy viewing , initially suggested to deal with the height at which the TV is located .


TV mounting height – 0.7 – 1.25 m from the floor , if implied viewing in a sitting position . For example, very handy if your TV is mounted at a height slightly higher than it is on the nightstand.

If you intend to watch TV in the supine position , tilt bracket can be used to provided with the opportunity to install it above. The main recommendation for determining the required height for easy viewing : sit down at the place from which you intend to watch TV , set point , which falls view . She will be the center of the TV.

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If you install the TV above this point you will feel tension in your neck , feeling at what the years will only increase . Good professionals when installing new TV mount it lower than was the old .

Often recommend the following heights : the upper third of the TV is at eye level

TV kitchen also recommended to set the basis of this calculation , however, consider amendments to the specifics of the space. Keep in mind that the evaluation of the position of the TV should be in a sitting position , standing as you will want to set it up .

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Keep in mind also that a certain location for the TV should not interfere with the cooking process . Look for a compromise version , for example, using an inclined bracket. This will install the TV in the best position in terms of easy viewing , in terms of functionality and kitchen space .

The situation is different with ready communications when the antenna cables and sockets were laid at the construction stage . In this case, options for selecting practically not available.

There is also help out slanted brackets, allowing the TV high enough , but with a guarantee of comfortable viewing .

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