How to cut the vent

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How to cut the vent – Your apartment is absolutely necessary ventilation system that will provide access to fresh air in enclosed spaces . Ventilation system is based on natural ventilation , which is achieved through the creation of exhaust vents . To learn how to cut the vent yourself , you learn from this article.

Vents are usually placed in areas of highest contamination – is the kitchen, bathroom, WC .

Making a round exhaust port

In order to make the necessary opening of the duct , which subsequently will need to put a vent box , you’ll need a core drill bit for stone.

First of all take care of protection from dust and noise : gloves, mask and earplugs .
Mark the center of the future and start drilling holes using a standard drill for stone . Next it will be a guide for the drill crown .
Hold the drill in a horizontal position ( with a slight slope down) , cut a hole of the cylindrical part of the tool .
When finished, carefully remove the cut material from the wall.
Remove dust and dirt from the walls to get a hole .

The following may attempt to install a ventilation box!

Cutting a Dryer Vent Pipe

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