Country-house sewer diagram

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Diagram of sewer country house

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The inhabitants of the country houses want to be provided with a level of comfort not below, and some cases are higher than the townspeople. Therefore, the water supply and sewer system is a prerequisite. Smaller remains of private houses, where the facilities are located in the courtyard and the need to carry drinking water from a well in buckets. Modern country house sewer diagram provides the necessary level of comfort and a set of convenient conditions.

What is the job of the autonomous system of sewerage

The general principle of centralized and autonomous systems of sewage is the same. Wastewater are derived from the premises through the pipeline, then pass several stages of cleaning and are displayed in special tanks or into the soil through drainage.

Diagram of sewer country house

Autonomous scheme of sewage is that all of the runoff from sanitary appliances home taken in specially built to House a device called a septikom. Build it in power almost any owner of a private home or cottage with minimal human and financial costs.

The need for the construction of a septic tank due to the fact that the centralized sewage system, as a rule, are quite far from the suburban towns and suburban communities. So the system of water supply and sanitation has to do offline, and sometimes with their hands.

Country-house sewer diagram

Modern man lately looking to live outside the city in a natural conditions, but with a good level of comfort. The House is not only a place to stay, and the whole system of rest and recovery, where the available pool, bath and other features to create a favorable and cozy atmosphere.
So you have these benefits scheme of sewage baths and water drainage from the basin is also needed, as well as the conclusion of wastewater from home.
Organization and installation of battery drain

There are many variants of the Organization of the system of sewage in a country house or cottage.

The right choice depends on the following factors:

  • the location of the building on the site;
  • features of the landscape;
  • the type of soil;
  •  individual features and the desire of a homeowner.

The easiest and cheapest way to drain waste water from home-the usual SINKHOLE. However, this structure does not provide a sufficient level of wastewater treatment and, subsequently, polluting the land and sources of drinking water. So do the cesspool is required. The negative effects of this device show up in a year, and will have to recycle sewer system.
Therefore, the septic tank is the most appropriate connection scheme of sewage in a private home.

There are several options for the construction of the buildings:
  • the use of pressurized containers made of metal or plastic;
  • building on the capacity of the concrete rings or brick;
  •  acquisition of the final septic tank, which is made of durable plastic and provides an acceptable level of wastewater treatment.

Experienced residents of private homes are advised-on construction of sewage to save should not be.

All you need to do is thoroughly to avoid further problems with the pollution areas. Septic tank which is made efficiently and reliably, will last many years and will provide a good level of comfort.
Before you build or buy a septic tank, you should spend the small settlements of its size, which depend on the number of inhabitants of the House. It is generally accepted that on average one person spends about 160 liters of water per day. The volume of the septic tank should hold rate of water consumption. Therefore, the size of the buildings and the scheme of internal sewerage system in a private home determined with regard to the composition of the family.

If in the House there is a swimming pool, sauna, which are connected to the unified system of wastewater, the size of the septic tank should be increased.

When choosing a location, a septic tank you need to take into account the following factors:

the distance from the House to the sewer facilities should be optimal, that is located not closer to five metres and not more than ten meters;
from the septic tank to the source of drinking water should not be mini 30 meters;
the distance to the borders of the neighboring areas is not closer to 4 meters.

The close location of the septic tank of a House can lead to destruction of the basement, and odors does not promote a comfortable living. Too far to have this building, because you may experience pipeline. In addition, at a great distance difficult to ensure the required level of sewer pipe pitch to drains walked out of the House by gravity. This value is 2-3 centimeters to one meter length of pipe.

These terms and conditions of the scheme of the sewage of the city differs from the autonomous systems of country houses. Often residents of private buildings to make the system of sewage on their own due to various reasons. Quality built a septic tank will serve not less than the device that produced at the plant. It all depends on the capabilities of the homeowner.

In a private home should also take care of the scheme of storm sewer, which promptly will remove rain and melt water from the basement and residential buildings. You can connect to the battery drain or build a system for collecting water, which can be used for watering the garden or commercial purposes.

Ready septic tanks with a system of biological wastewater treatment is by far one of the most popular and useful in country homes and cottages. Beneficial bacteria recycle harmful organic compounds in normal sludge and additional filters to purify water to a level of 98%.

As can be seen, the work of the autonomous system and the scheme laying sewers on private stretch of plain and simple even for the construction of their own hands. The main condition of functioning of this system-the quality, reliability, performance and compliance with all sanitary norms.
Sewer should be in a straight line. If the terrain does not allow to achieve this, it is in the rotation of the pipe you want to build a special observation wells. You also need to take into account the depth of the trench under the pipe to winter.

All these down-to-Earth rules and the whole scheme of water supply and sewerage system shall be designed even before the construction of the House. If the dwelling house was built, and for some reason this cannot be done, then all you can fix or improve after construction. However, it will bring additional cost of time, materials and financial resources. Private house is not just a residential and business premises, and a whole range of additional facilities that with proper placement and operation will create facilities for all residents.

Some of the tips in the construction of autonomous system of sewerage, When installing the sewer pipes in the system of wastewater from a private house there may be some difficulties because of the landscape and a great number of sanitary units and appliances. So scheme of sewage in which the detail taken into account all the nuances of home units, pipes, and their mutual arrangement will eliminate all obstacles.

In this scheme, you also need to specify:
  • the diameter of the pipes,
  • angle,
  • turns,
  • solutions.

In other words on the sheet of paper you want to migrate in detail the entire system. By the way, this scheme will come in handy in the future for the repair and construction of other important systems.

Sometimes there are situations when the drain tube is located below the level of the House. It may be the peculiarities of the terrain or through use in basement premises of plumbing devices. Often in the basement are placed garages, baths and pools. In this case the scheme pressure sewers. It lies in the fact that wastewater is collected in a separate tank, and then using special pumps are displayed in an external system. These pumps are capable of not only pump water, but also small solid fraction of waste.

conducted a scheme of sewage. Due to scheme of sewerage, bath. The described scheme of storm and pressure. The scheme of sewage of a country house, Drain a country house with their own hands: the project, diagram, Assembly, insulation and the device of sewage in a country house. The design scheme of the country-house sewage systems must take into account the technical nuances of home and landscape, the possibility of sewage.

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