Combining the balcony with the room

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Combining the balcony with the room

Of course , there are the lucky ones among us who live in modern, spacious apartments , and even in their own country houses . Unfortunately , the majority of citizens in deficit usable space in the apartments. One of the proven methods to increase much-needed housing “square” is the union of the balcony with the room.

Documentation of the planned merger

Under existing law , the planned merger room and loggia or balcony redevelopment is that it is necessary to issue legally . If you plan to carry out these works in an apartment where a permanent resident , the uncoordinated redevelopment will create you a lot of difficulties in the future for sale, donation , inheritance of property .

A compromise solution may serve as an option ( the least expensive and most secure for the construction of the building) , which removes only the window and door frames , and window-sill of the wall and the top wall remain unchanged. In this case, if necessary, just restored the “status quo” of premises.

balcony glazing

Balcony glazing when combining the utmost importance. It is well known that through the windows is at least 40% of the heat loss. Do the installation pretty cheap aluminum structures fail , you will need to install PVC frame with a two-or even three-chamber window. And the parapet , which will be installed frames, must not be made ​​of metal, and brick or foam .

Thermal insulation and vapor barrier

The next step is insulation and vapor barrier walls and ceiling. From the point of view of fire safety is desirable to use a new generation of readily flammable materials ( penofol , Penopleks , polyurethane foam ) . Good fit and non-combustible mineral boards .

To later thermal insulation layers are destroyed when exposed to moisture , do not forget the vapor barrier for insulation . To do this, use the foil- polyethylene film. The joints are glued layers of metallic vapor barrier tape.

Combining the balcony with the room

Ensure that in the foam used for sealing joints , there toluene. He is able to destroy some types of heaters .

The device system “warm floor”

When you combine the balcony with the room, the heat from the existing radiator is not enough. Therefore, to maintain a comfortable temperature you will have to install the electric convectors , or use the system “warm floor” .

And water heating loggias and balconies in a centralized heating system is prohibited. It will therefore be necessary to opt for the installation of electrical heating systems . After performing the screed using a flexible mixture able to withstand temperature fluctuations, running wiring insulation bitumen tape , and then spreads the selected floor covering.

Finishing the balcony , combined with a room depends on the functionality of your space and your personal tastes . The main thing is that you now have an extra space , which can easily accommodate an office with a computer , a dining area and such exotica as a relaxation area in the conservatory.

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