Combined gas stoves

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Combined gas stoves

In our online store you can buy a combo plate with a full gas or gas- electric hob .

Cooker is ideal for you if the house has gas, but you also want to be able to use electricity for cooking. These models will be indispensable for interruptions of gas or electricity.

Working surface may be made of conventional enamel , stainless steel or glass-ceramics , and usually equipped with one or two electric hotplates and electric oven.

Combined cookers more versatile to use than gas stoves – electric oven has more modes of preparation .

Many models are equipped with gas stoves combined gas control and ELECTRONIC for your convenience and security.

Having made the decision to buy a combined gas stove , especially pay attention to the size , the presence of a grill or convection rotisserie burner and fast heating . By purchasing this home appliances, you will get an excellent opportunity to prepare conveniently and economically.

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