Cleaning marble tips and tricks

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Cleaning marble tips and tricks – Nowadays, there are several ways and methods to clean the marble. However, we have selected those that appear to be most effective. This can range from the most simple way as with water and soap to the use of chemicals such as caustic soda , hydrogen peroxide or hydro- oleophobic stain brand products Protect Guard .

The method to use to clean the marble depends on the stain resistance . We recommend you start with the simplest solutions before selecting those most radical . We must also consider the nature of the stain and opt for the cleaner who is .

Simple solutions

Normally, if your marble is regularly cleaned, the soap and water will suffice, but still know that the soap or soap are significantly more effective than other types of soaps . If stain resistant , use a stiff bristle brush and bleach . If they still do not leave , you use the following mixture: cut into small pieces in a bowl of soap and then you add a little water, then mix with ammonia , then dilute with the hot water . For white marble , add a few drops with white vinegar or white Spanish . Generally, your marble should return to its original splendor after that. If you want to shine even more , take a soft cloth or flannel cloth then sprinkle with talcum marble . Then you rub making circular movements .

More radical solutions

If the dirt is really stubborn , you can use a paste with proportion as two thirds of pumice powder and 1/3 of baking soda . Then apply it on the area to be cleaned. Let it dry for some time and then rinse clean with water and soap . If it still does not work , use downright caustic knowing that the latter solution is not to do too frequently to avoid damaging the marble and not poison the house.

Cleaning according to the stain

There are spots that are difficult to remove and require the use of an appropriate solution. For example, you can easily remove stains from cigarette burns with half a lemon. But you can remove grease stains with a little baking soda and white Spain . For paint stains , it takes added soapy water turpentine. If your marble has rust stains due to a cabinet or iron oxidation any of hydrogen peroxide 20% is enough to make them leave .

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