Cleaning indoor plants

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The dust on the leaves is very harmful to the plants, because it prevents them from breathing well. From this we conclude then that a proper cleaning will give you more health and will be much more beautiful.

we talk about cleaning indoor plants, not make references only to sheets, the task goes from flowers to remove dry leaves. Good care will prevent any plague attack it and sick, producing, on occasions, the death of our plants. Even the plague can be dispersed in others that we have within the same environment. So, let’s see how to clean them:

Leaves. You must first remove the dust, and then to wipe a rag or a sponge soaked in water at room temperature and dry with a clean, dry cloth. It also tends to carry out this procedure using beer instead of water.

If the leaves of the plants have small lint, not they wiped with a sponge or a rag, since we would withdraw fluff that serves a protective function in the plant. In this case the best way is to remove dust with a soft brush.

Flowers. If the plant is in full bloom, we must not touch the flowers. Even sprayed them with water, since at this stage, they are very vulnerable and delicate.

Also come to indoor plants shine-enhancing products. They can be purchased at nurseries and the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to the letter.

Another very beneficial alternative is to take them outside the days of rain for a few hours and remain as new (care that is not a very strong rain, in the case of plants with flowers and delicate leaves).

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