How to clean a washing machine

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How to clean a washing machine – Using the washing machine , it is necessary not only to exploit the wash , but very clean and not to have to buy a new one . Signs that indicate the need to clean the machine – a lot , and what they are serious , the more difficult and costly to care . To learn how to clean a washing machine and its main parts , discussed below :

1. Recognize the signs of blockages :


– Stagnant water in the tank , drain inefficiency ;
– Failure of installed programs in order for laundry use;
– Slow draining ;
– Absence of water during the washing in the drum ;
– With drain water shortages ;

2 . Care washing machine :

– Corrugated pipe cleaning is carried out with hot water. In this situation, the node draining cleanly detached from the machine and hot water is passed through it . After cleaning, it must be as carefully and gently screw it to the washing machine . If after this cleaning water still missing , the pipe need to be removed again and probe for foreign matter ;

– If the cause of failure is the pump , it is possible to determine , after looking into the opening of the filter during the spin cycle : if the pump is not running, it must be replaced . This is done in the service center ;

– Drum washing machine is cleaned with bleach : you need to fill it white and enable rinse – then the main parts and hoses, which are in contact with water will wash .

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